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Wife waited too long to seek better deal from husband's will

20/12/13 Author: Charles Wilson

People who feel they have not been properly provided for in a will, can apply to court for a larger share of the deceased person's estate. They usually have to begin proceedings within six months of the grant of probate. Read More

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Divorces may be set to rise as economy recovers

19/12/13 Author: Charles Wilson

The divorce rate may be set to rise as the recession ends and the economy recovers, according to a survey of family lawyers Read More

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15,000 new homes bought under Help to Buy scheme

19/12/13 Author: Charles Wilson

More than 15,000 people have signed up to buy a home under the government's Help to Buy: equity loan scheme. Read More

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Storage firm fails to prove breach of contract

13/12/13 Author: Ian Gee

A firm has failed to prove that a commercial client was in breach of contract by not granting it exclusive rights during oral negotiations Read More

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Register will show who really owns and controls UK companies

12/12/13 Author: Clare Davey

The government is to press ahead with plans for greater business transparency by creating a public register of who really owns and controls UK companies Read More

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Trust period amended to reduce inheritance tax burden

06/12/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A recent case before the High Court shows how problems can arise if a discretionary trust is not correctly prepared Read More

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JWK Solicitors' Client achieves victory in personal injury claim

28/11/13 Author: Ian Gee

Trial on Liability won by worker who was assaulted by a fellow employee Read More

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Wife loses appeal over clean break divorce settlement

27/11/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A wife who wanted to receive periodical payments from her husband as part of a divorce settlement has lost her appeal against a court's decision that there should be a clean break instead Read More

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Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee now available for homebuyers

25/11/13 Author: Charles Wilson

The 'Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee' scheme has been introduced three months early to boost the housing market and enable more people to own their own home Read More

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Number of new UK businesses continues to soar

06/11/13 Author: Clare Davey

More than 102,000 new businesses were set up in the UK last year, according to the latest government figures. The total number of businesses now stands at a record level of 4.9 million. Read More

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Company annual returns could be scrapped to help businesses

04/11/13 Author: Clare Davey

The government is proposing to scrap mandatory annual returns to help companies save time and money. Read More

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Myth of common law marriage 'puts cohabitants at risk'

11/10/13 Author: Charles Wilson

Six out of ten MPs believe the law needs to be changed to give unmarried couples more legal protection if they separate. Read More

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Treasury boosted by rising inheritance tax receipts

08/10/13 Author: Charles Wilson

The money the Treasury receives from inheritance tax has increased for the third year in a row, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. Read More

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JWK Solicitors secures top accolade from the national Law Society

30/09/13 Author: Ian Gee

JWK Solicitors, with offices based in Lancaster and Morecambe, has secured the national Law Society's law management quality mark, Lexcel. Read More

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JWK Solicitors are Ranked in the Legal 500

26/09/13 Author: Ian Gee

The 2013 issue of the Legal 500 includes Ian Gee for aviation and Tony Collinson for agriculture and estates. Read More

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Judge describes couple's divorce case as 'financial suicide'

24/09/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A couple have been told they are committing financial suicide by running up huge bills in a fight over which country should deal with their divorce. Read More

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Woman wins right to remain in former partner's home

19/09/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman has won the right to remain in her deceased partner's home despite a legal challenge from his son. Read More

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Plans to make company directors more accountable for failings

05/09/13 Author: Clare Davey

The Government has outlined proposals to make directors more accountable for misconduct and company failures. Read More

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House prices increasing 'at fastest rate for 3 years'

23/08/13 Author: Charles Wilson

Figures released by the Halifax suggest that house prices are rising at the fastest annual rate for 3 years. Read More

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Husband fails to get payments to his former wife reduced

21/08/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A husband has lost his appeal to have his payments to his former wife reduced even though the couple's assets had not been divided equally as part of the divorce settlement. Read More

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Government reduces power of attorney application fee by 15%

20/08/13 Author: Charles Wilson

The Government has announced a 15% cut in the application fee for registering a lasting power of attorney ("LPA"). Read More

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Public 'at risk' as will writing remains unregulated

30/07/13 Author: Charles Wilson

The Law Society says the Government decision not to regulate will writing puts the public at risk of being exploited by unqualified and unscrupulous practitioners. Read More

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Thousands reserve a home using Help to Buy scheme

25/07/13 Author: Charles Wilson

: The Help to Buy scheme for new build properties has got off to a "flying start". Read More

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Company Assets in Divorce - The Wide Reaching Implications of Prest v Petrodel

11/07/13 Author: Charles Wilson

Company assets are not 'off limits' in terms of the financial settlement in divorce. Read More

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Celebrity Chef Loses Claim Based On Oral Contract

08/07/13 Author: Ian Gee

The celebrity chef Marco Pierre White has lost a claim for damages against two former business partners in a dispute centered on an oral contract. Read More

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JWK Solicitors secures Law Society's new quality mark

05/07/13 Author: Charles Wilson

JWK Solicitors in Lancaster & Morecambe has secured membership to the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme - the mark of excellence for the home buying process. Read More

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Father Wins Appeal Over Contact With His Children

02/07/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A father has won an appeal against a court order that rejected the recommendations of childcare experts and reduced his contact with his children. Read More

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Woman fails to share in ex-husband's newly earned riches

27/06/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman who divorced her husband when they both had no money has failed in her bid to share in the fortune he earned after the marriage ended. Read More

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Treasury Doubles Its Revenue From People Who Don't Make a Will

19/06/13 Author: Charles Wilson

The money that goes to the Treasury from people who don't make a will has nearly doubled in the space of just a year. Read More

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Aunt's Will Successfully Challenged

15/05/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman has successfully challenged her aunt's will after discovering that she was to inherit nothing from her estate. Read More

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Parents Behind Surge In Living Together Agreements

08/05/13 Author: Charles Wilson

There's been a large increase in the number of couples drawing up living together agreements – sometimes known as cohabitation agreements or 'no-nups'. Read More

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Divorce Settlement Acknowledges Husband's Extra Contribution

22/04/13 Author: Charles Wilson

Courts usually try to share marital assets equally during divorce settlements, but what happens if some assets don't become available until several years after the separation? Read More

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Budget Offers Two Schemes To Help Homebuyers

17/04/13 Author: Charles Wilson

Chancellor George Osborne has announced two new schemes designed to help potential homebuyers who can afford to pay a mortgage but find it difficult to raise a large deposit. Read More

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Negligent Contractors Liable For Damages Despite Client's Failings

12/04/13 Author: Ian Gee

A contractor has been found liable for the damage caused by a factory fire, even though the client was partly responsible for what happened. Read More

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Confusion Over IT Contract Renewal Proves Costly

09/04/13 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

When drawing up contracts with automatic renewal clauses it is important to ensure that you fully understand what is being agreed. Read More

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Trust Changes Mean Parents 'May Have to Rewrite Their Wills'

02/04/13 Author: Charles Wilson

Government proposals relating to trusts mean that thousands of people may have to rewrite their wills to protect the interests of their children. Read More

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05/03/13 Author: Charles Wilson


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Documentation, documentation, documentation in Civil Court Cases

04/02/13 Author: Ian Gee

Documentation in Civil Court Cases Read More

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Oral Contracts - A Ticking Time Bomb?

25/01/13 Author: Ian Gee

Oral contracts Read More

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Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List

18/01/13 Author: Ian Gee

Ian Gee, Director of JWK Solicitors, has again been accepted for accreditation in the annual 'Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List'. Read More

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Searching for Aircraft Noise Before You Buy a Property

08/01/13 Author: Ian Gee

The Civil Aviation Authority ("the CAA") provides a focal point for receiving and responding to aviation-related environmental enquiries. Did you know that the CAA can provide a generalised brief explaining the airspace structure in the vicinity of... Read More

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