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Court of Appeal to rule on £2.6m divorce settlement

18/12/14 Author: Michele Wright

A woman, who gave up her career to become a full-time mother, has taken her former husband to court in a bid to receive a greater share of the family wealth Read More

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Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List 2015

11/12/14 Author: Ian Gee

Ian Gee, Director of JWK Solicitors, has again been accepted for accreditation in the annual 'Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List'. Read More

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Nearly 40,000 first-time buyers used Help to Buy in first year

20/11/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The Help to Buy schemes, launched by the government last year, have enabled nearly 40,000 people to buy their first home, according to official statistics Read More

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Woman entitled to a share of her partner's house

18/11/14 Author: Michele Wright

A man has been ordered to pay £28,500 to his former partner after he had assured her that she would have a home for life Read More

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Inheritance tax threshold could be set to rise next year

10/11/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The inheritance tax threshold could rise significantly before the general election in May 2015 Read More

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Court settles disagreement over care of elderly mother

29/10/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The Court of Protection has helped a family to settle a disagreement about the best way to care for their 84-year-old mother Read More

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Law Society stresses importance of using professionals

27/10/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The Law Society has launched a media campaign to highlight the importance of using a professional solicitor when seeking legal advice Read More

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Director must honour independent valuation of shares

17/10/14 Author: Clare Davey

A director has been told by Court that he must honour an independent valuation of his business. Read More

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JWK Solicitors Retain Top Accolade from the Law Society of England and Wales

16/10/14 Author: Ian Gee

JWK Solicitors has retained their Lexcel accreditation following an annual application and assessment process Read More

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Pensioner awarded £9,000 after slipping on shop floor

15/10/14 Author: Ian Gee

A pensioner has been awarded £9,000 compensation after she slipped on a coat hanger in a shop Read More

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JWK Solicitors are Ranked again in the Legal 500

07/10/14 Author: Ian Gee

The Legal 500 has just been released for 2014 and JWK Solicitors continue to be recommended in 3 areas of work Read More

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Wife granted Supreme Court appeal against lying husband

06/10/14 Author: Michele Wright

A woman whose millionaire husband lied about the extent of his wealth during their divorce has won the right to take her case to the Supreme Court Read More

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Right to Buy discounts to increase for tenants

17/09/14 Author: Charles Wilson

Council house tenants can now receive higher Right to Buy discounts following a government move to improve the scheme Read More

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Government approach to mediation 'not good enough'

15/09/14 Author: Michele Wright

Leading family lawyers have expressed disappointment and concern at the government's approach to funding mediation sessions for divorcing couples Read More

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Government shelves plans for online lasting powers of attorney

15/09/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has shelved its controversial plans for an online system for creating lasting powers of attorney Read More

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Landlord was justified in refusing new business tenancy

05/09/14 Author: Clare Davey

A court has decided that a tenant's breaches of contract in relation to business premises were serious enough to justify the landlord's decision not renew the lease Read More

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Doctor awarded £10.5k after severing finger in shower

03/09/14 Author: Ian Gee

A hospital registrar has been awarded £10,500 compensation after he had to have part of a finger amputated following an accident in a shower cubicle Read More

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Children to be given a greater say in family courts

29/08/14 Author: Michele Wright

The government has announced that children will be given a greater voice in the family justice system so they can express their opinions about disputes that affect their lives Read More

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Couple allowed to tear up badly drafted trust

22/08/14 Author: Charles Wilson

A couple have been granted permission by a Court to tear up a badly drafted trust, after an error left the wife unable to benefit from it Read More

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Woman awarded compensation following dog attack

12/08/14 Author: Ian Gee

A pensioner has been awarded £17,000 after her hand was left permanently damaged following an attack by a dog Read More

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UK house prices fall for the first time this year

11/08/14 Author: Charles Wilson

House prices in Britain have fallen for the first time this year, according to figures from the online estate agency, Rightmove Read More

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Business Consultant's success fee not dependent on proving success

06/08/14 Author: Ian Gee

A public company has been ordered by a Court to pay a Consultant a commission fee, despite there being no evidence that he contributed to the success of a special business project Read More

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Company director unfairly excluded after attempted love affair

01/08/14 Author: Clare Davey

A court has decided that a director who tried to start an affair with his business partner's wife was unfairly excluded from the management of a company in which he held shares Read More

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Cleaning company granted injunction to protect its business

28/07/14 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

A cleaning company has been granted an interim injunction preventing former franchisees from competing with it until disputed issues can be dealt with in court Read More

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Boy awarded £24,000 after falling through school fence

22/07/14 Author: Ian Gee

A 14-year-old boy who fell through a fence at school has been awarded £24,000 compensation Read More

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Leading judge lays out plans for divorce reform

16/07/14 Author: Michele Wright

One of Britain's leading family law judges is calling for changes in the divorce process that would take most cases out of the courts altogether Read More

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Delays over powers of attorney causing stress for families

15/07/14 Author: Charles Wilson

Delays in the process of setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney are causing considerable stress and expense for thousands of families Read More

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What is adverse possession?

14/07/14 Author: Clare Davey

Adverse possession is a controversial process by which someone without title to land and property, i.e. someone who is not the owner, can acquire that title by means of demonstrating sufficient possession of that land. Read More

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New salary limit set for Help to Buy mortgages

10/07/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has announced a change to the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme amid concerns over rising house prices. New loans granted under the scheme must now be less than 4.5 times the borrower's income. Read More

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Perils of setting up a business without a written agreement

04/07/14 Author: Clare Davey

When setting up a business venture involving two or more people, it is essential to have a written agreement so that everyone understands their responsibilities and entitlements. Failure to do so can lead to confusion and the need for legal action,... Read More

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Government vows to 'help firms to start-up and scale-up'

04/07/14 Author: Clare Davey

A new Bill to help small businesses is being introduced by the government. The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill contains several measures designed to make it easier for small firms to thrive. Read More

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Government to help military personnel on to property ladder

12/06/14 Author: Charles Wilson

A new strand of the Government's 'Help to Buy' scheme has been launched, with the aim of helping members of the armed forces to buy their own home Read More

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Court corrects costly error in family trust document

09/06/14 Author: Charles Wilson

An extended family have been able to have a Court rectify a trust document which would have prevented them benefiting in the way intended when the settlement was first drawn up Read More

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Failing to make a will could become a nightmare for your family

06/06/14 Author: Charles Wilson

Nearly two out of three people in the UK haven't made a will and so risk creating a financial nightmare for their families, according to new research Read More

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New law makes it easier to protect intellectual property

05/06/14 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

Businesses will be able to protect their intellectual property rights more effectively across Europe and the rest of the world as new legislation comes into effect Read More

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Divorcing husband sentenced to jail for withholding information

03/06/14 Author: Michele Wright

A businessman has been sentenced to 4 months in prison for failing to disclose financial information during divorce proceedings Read More

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Father's will is valid despite disinheriting two of his children

27/05/14 Author: Charles Wilson

A father's will has been declared valid by a Court despite a challenge from his daughter who was disinherited Read More

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Retiring husband must pay ex-wife lump sum for 'clean break'

23/05/14 Author: Michele Wright

A man has been told to pay his ex-wife a lump sum so that he can stop making annual payments once he has retired. The case involved a couple who had been married for 22 years before getting divorced in 2005. Both were qualified accountants, but the... Read More

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Will your hard earned money be lost to inheritance tax?

16/05/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The rising value of houses could turn inheritance tax into a major issue for thousands of families across the UK Read More

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How to avoid the pitfalls when setting up a new business

12/05/14 Author: Clare Davey

You can improve your chances of success in setting up a new business by doing your homework before starting work or investing any money Read More

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Break clause invalidated by failure to follow letter of the law

08/05/14 Author: Clare Davey

A business tenant has failed to apply a break clause in its lease because the notice document didn't correctly follow the letter of the law Read More

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Court rules a mother's will was forged by her son

22/04/14 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman's will has been declared invalid after a court decided that it had been forged by her son Read More

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Children will be 'better protected' in family disputes

17/04/14 Author: Michele Wright

Ministers say children will be better protected and family disputes will be less stressful following changes to legislation relating to divorce and separation Read More

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Home buy schemes help 100,000 families on to property ladder

15/04/14 Author: Charles Wilson

More than 100,000 people have used various government schemes to buy a home over the last four years Read More

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Divorcee ordered to pay ex-husband £1.2m despite pre-nup

09/04/14 Author: Michele Wright

A woman has been ordered to pay her ex-husband £1.2m, even though the couple had a Pre-nuptial Agreement that her wealth would be protected in the event of a separation Read More

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Coach firm wins competition claim against airport

03/04/14 Author: Ian Gee

A coach firm has won a competition claim against an airport which abused its dominant position in the market for its own financial gain Read More

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Carer awarded £1.5m compensation after being injured at work

26/03/14 Author: Ian Gee

A carer has been awarded £1.5m compensation after developing fibromyalgia as a result of two separate workplace accidents Read More

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Levy exemption for self-build homes comes into effect

25/03/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has made it easier for people to build their own homes by cutting the Community Infrastructure Levy on self-built accommodation Read More

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Pre-nups could become legally binding under new law

24/03/14 Author: Michele Wright

Marital agreements including 'pre-nups' and 'post-nups' could become legally binding without the need for court approval under a proposed new law Read More

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Engineers must pay damages for breaching contract

21/03/14 Author: Ian Gee

An engineering firm has lost its appeal against having to pay damages to an airline company Read More

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Are you ready to hand over your business in the right way?

20/03/14 Author: Clare Davey

The key to ensuring a smooth succession when handing over a business is to start planning as early as possible ahead of your target retirement date Read More

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Updates to TUPE Regulations come into force

19/03/14 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

Changes to the TUPE Regulations, which protect the interests of employees when a business is transferred to a new owner, came into effect on 31 January Read More

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Trust protects family home from the taxman

18/03/14 Author: Charles Wilson

Setting up a simple trust relating to his mother's home has saved a man and his wife several thousand pounds in capital gains tax. Read More

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Agricultural Law Association CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) Reform Conferences – March/April 2014 – STILL TIME TO BOOK

11/03/14 Author:

Agricultural Law Association CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) Reform Conferences – March/April 2014 – STILL TIME TO BOOK Read More

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Disinherited sons fail to overturn their father's will

20/02/14 Author: Charles Wilson

A man's will leaving most of his estate to his daughter and sister-in-law has been confirmed despite opposition from his sons who had been disinherited Read More

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More than 6,000 people have applied to use the Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme

18/02/14 Author: Charles Wilson

More than 6,000 people have applied to use the Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme since it was launched in October 2013. The scheme is intended to help people get a mortgage to buy their own home. Many people have been unable to take the first... Read More

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Divorcing couples must try mediation before court

13/02/14 Author: Michele Wright

Divorcing couples will soon have to try mediation to resolve disagreements before they are allowed to take their case to court. Read More

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Businesses to have more say over how they are regulated

30/01/14 Author: Clare Davey

Businesses that are unhappy with the way their sector is regulated can now contact regulators and government ministers to push for changes Read More

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Director didn't breach duties when pursuing personal gain

28/01/14 Author: Clare Davey

A Director's duty not to pursue personal gain may not apply if the company's shareholders consent, as happened in a recent case before the Court of Appeal. Read More

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Woman 'cannot share' ex-husband's fortune 20 years after separation

23/01/14 Author: Michele Wright

The Court of Appeal has rejected a woman's claim that she is entitled to half the fortune her ex-husband amassed in the 20 years after they separated Read More

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Woman's will favouring neighbour rejected by High Court

20/01/14 Author: Charles Wilson

An elderly woman's will, which left half her estate to her neighbour to the detriment of her family, has been rejected by the High Court Read More

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Levy exemption on homes will cut costs for self-builders

16/01/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The government says people building their own homes will soon be able to save thousands of pounds because they will no longer have to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy Read More

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Inheritance tax payments to soar to £21billion as house prices rise

14/01/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The amount families will have to pay in Inheritance Tax is set to increase by £3billion to £21billion over the next five years Read More

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Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List

03/01/14 Author: Ian Gee

Ian Gee, Director of JWK Solicitors, has again been accepted for accreditation in the annual 'Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List'. Read More

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