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Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List 2016

01/12/15 Author: Ian Gee

Ian Gee, Director of JWK Solicitors, has again been accepted for accreditation in the annual ‘Headway - the brain injury association Head Injury Solicitors List’. Read More

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Court helps family resolve issues over lasting power of attorney

20/11/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The Court of Protection has helped a family resolve difficult issues over lasting powers of attorney for an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease Read More

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Two women deceived in divorce settlements can apply for more

29/10/15 Author: Michele Wright

Two women who claim their husbands withheld the true extent of their wealth in divorce proceedings have won their appeal to be allowed to reopen their cases and apply for a better settlement Read More

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‘Dishonest’ husband fails to reduce wife’s divorce settlement

19/10/15 Author: Michele Wright

A husband who behaved in a “blatantly dishonest” way while giving evidence in court has failed to reduce his wife’s divorce settlement. Read More

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New measures could lead to more director disqualifications

13/10/15 Author: Clare Davey

New regulations designed to improve standards in business could lead to more directors being disqualified Read More

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Woman hit by tax bill allowed to set aside trust made in error

28/09/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The High Court has set aside a trust settlement that was drawn up in error and would have resulted in a woman having to pay a large, unexpected tax bill Read More

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New £26m fund to boost provision of homes for first-time buyers

24/09/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The government is setting up a £26m fund to help developers speed up the process of providing starter homes for first-time buyers Read More

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JWK Solicitors have once again achieved recommendations for 3 areas of work in the Legal 500

18/09/15 Author: Ian Gee

JWK Solicitors are delighted to announce that in 2015 we have once again achieved recommendations for 2 areas of work in the Legal 500. The independent research process includes contacting clients for references. Read More

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Rising number of cohabiting couples still lack legal protection

10/09/15 Author: Michele Wright

The number of unmarried couples in the UK has more than doubled in the last 20 years, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. Read More

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Government plans housebuilding boom to increase home ownership

19/08/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The government is introducing a series of measures to boost housebuilding so more young people can own their own home Read More

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Defaulting husband must give all his fortune to his divorced wife

10/08/15 Author: Michele Wright

A hospital consultant who refused to pay any maintenance or child support has been ordered to hand over his entire fortune to his ex-wife Read More

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Woman inherits £164,000 despite being written out of mother’s will

05/08/15 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman who was written out of her mother’s will, because she eloped with her boyfriend when aged 17, has won her appeal to inherit a share of the family estate and been awarded £164,000 by the Court of Appeal last week Read More

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Number of homes bought through Help to Buy tops 100,000

21/07/15 Author: Charles Wilson

More than 100,000 homes throughout the UK have now been bought through the Help to Buy schemes, according to the latest government figures Read More

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Lasting power of attorney forms now ‘simpler and clearer’

17/07/15 Author: Charles Wilson

Lasting power of attorney forms have been updated to make them simpler and clearer. Read More

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Beauty Queen awarded £3.3m in ‘bruising’ divorce case

07/07/15 Author: Michele Wright

A beauty queen has been awarded a £3.3m settlement in a divorce case described as “bruising and unedifying” by a leading judge in the High Court Read More

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Queen’s Speech announces plans to extend Right to Buy discounts

19/06/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The Right to Buy scheme is being extended to 1.3 million housing association tenants across England Read More

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How are damages assessed when your supplier fails to deliver?

16/06/15 Author: Ian Gee

How are damages assessed when your supplier fails to deliver? Read More

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Court upholds compulsory buy-out of minority shareholder

15/06/15 Author: Clare Davey

A minority shareholder was not unfairly treated when his former colleagues decided to buy him out against his will Read More

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How new Bills in Queen’s Speech will impact on businesses

09/06/15 Author: Clare Davey

The Queen’s Speech outlined several Bills that could have a significant impact on businesses Read More

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Leading judge wants ‘no-fault divorce’ to replace blame approach

02/06/15 Author: Michele Wright

One of the UK’s leading judges has called for the introduction of no-fault divorces to remove the sense of blame and bitterness that accompany so many break-ups. Read More

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People under age of 40 signing up for homes at 20% discount

01/06/15 Author: Charles Wilson

Thousands of people under the age of 40 have been signing up to buy starter homes at a 20% discount. Read More

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Battling sisters lose control of elderly mother’s finances

21/05/15 Author: Charles Wilson

Two sisters who detest each other and no longer speak have lost the right to look after their elderly mother’s finances Read More

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Directors fail to make company liable for their wrongdoing

14/05/15 Author: Clare Davey

The Supreme Court has rejected the idea that directors can avoid responsibility for offences like fraud by trying to make their company responsible for their wrongdoing Read More

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Marriage Foundation wants to modernise 'outdated' divorce law

01/05/15 Author: Michele Wright

The Marriage Foundation has launched a manifesto calling on political parties to consider the need to reform divorce law Read More

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Government steps up UK's fight against dementia

29/04/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The government is stepping up the UK's fight against dementia, which it sees as one of the main health issues facing the UK over the next 20 years Read More

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Could a Help to Buy ISA get you on to the property ladder?

23/04/15 Author: Charles Wilson

Help to Buy ISAs, offering first time buyers a 25% bonus on their savings, have proved to be one the most talked about elements from George Osborne's Budget statement Read More

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Pre-nups now more popular – and not just with the rich

07/04/15 Author: Michele Wright

Pre-nup agreements are often associated with the rich but they are now being used by couples from all walks of life Read More

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Public Guardian prevents misuse of dementia sufferer's money

02/04/15 Author: Charles Wilson

While the vast majority of Lasting Powers of Attorney run smoothly, problems can sometimes occur. When they do, the Office of the Public Guardian and the Court of Protection are in place to prevent the vulnerable from being exploited Read More

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Wife loses appeal against 'equal split' divorce settlement

27/02/15 Author: Michele Wright

A woman has lost her appeal against a judge's decision that she and her husband should share their assets equally as part of their divorce settlement Read More

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Couple correct '£650,000 error' in trust document

25/02/15 Author: Charles Wilson

A married couple have been allowed to remove a clause from a trust document that could have cost their family £650,000 in tax liability Read More

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Number of first-time home buyers reaches 7-year high

24/02/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The number of first-time home buyers in 2014 was at its highest level for 7 years, according to the Halifax bank Read More

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Government scheme helps create 60,000 new businesses

20/02/15 Author: Clare Davey

A government scheme is helping to create 450 new businesses every week, according to the latest figures Read More

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TV chef Ramsey loses dispute over restaurant purchase

10/02/15 Author: Ian Gee

The television celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has lost a legal dispute after admitting that his staff often gave business guarantees in his name and used his signature without him knowing Read More

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Taxman 'could inherit your money unless you make a will'

27/01/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The taxman could take some of the money you want to go to loved ones after you die if you fail to make a will and keep it up to date Read More

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Stamp duty changes provide boost for 98% of homebuyers

26/01/15 Author: Charles Wilson

Changes to stamp duty announced in the Autumn Statement by Chancellor George Osborne have helped stimulate the housing market, according to solicitors and estate agents Read More

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'Homemaker' wife wins chance to get better divorce settlement

19/01/15 Author: Michele Wright

The Court of Appeal has decided that a judge got it wrong when calculating the divorce settlement for a woman who gave up a lucrative career to look after her children Read More

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Make sure your family business has a succession plan

16/01/15 Author: Clare Davey

Handing over a family business to the next generation can prove surprisingly difficult for many people, research has found. Read More

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Man awarded £900,000 compensation after being injured by JCB

08/01/15 Author: Ian Gee

A man who suffered severe injuries at work has been awarded over £900,000 compensation Read More

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