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Most people prefer to have a solicitor write their will

23/12/16 Author:

More than 6 out of 10 people prefer to have a qualified solicitor to write their will so they can be confident that it is done properly, according to new research. Read More

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Applications for LPA ‘living wills’ double in two years

19/12/16 Author:

The number of applications for lasting powers of attorney (LPA) has doubled in the last two years, according to research carried out by the Times newspaper. Read More

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Woman wins appeal over settlement at end of civil partnership

09/12/16 Author: Michele Wright

A woman has won the right to challenge a financial settlement agreed after the break-up of her same-sex relationship. She says her former partner lied about the extent of her wealth. Read More

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Monty Python star suffering from severe form of dementia

30/11/16 Author: Charles Wilson

Monty Python star Terry Jones has been diagnosed with a severe variant of dementia called primary progressive aphasia. Read More

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Journalist sacked over Prince George story wins compensation

28/11/16 Author:

A BBC journalist has been awarded more than £50,000 compensation after being unfairly dismissed following his failure to report the birth of Prince George. Read More

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Can Brangelina find a way to an amicable divorce?

21/11/16 Author: Michele Wright

The announcement that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are to divorce has caused headlines across the world. For many years they seemed the perfect couple, but now they are preparing to do battle over custody of their children and possibly several other... Read More

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Leftover partitioning invalidated company’s break clause

18/11/16 Author: Clare Davey

A business tenant failed to exercise a break clause correctly because it left partitioning behind when vacating its commercial premises. Read More

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When second marriages spark disputes over wills

11/11/16 Author:

High divorce rates and the increasing number of people entering into second relationships is leading to more and more disputes over wills and family inheritance. Read More

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Isobel Milburn, top Commercial Litigator, joins JWK

10/11/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

We are delighted to welcome Isobel, who joins us from Baines Wilson. Read More

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Actress Carey Mulligan to promote awareness of dementia

09/11/16 Author:

The actress Carey Mulligan has been appointed the first UK Global Dementia Friends Ambassador by the Alzheimer’s Society and the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Read More

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Research shows why pay rates for mothers are less than for men

03/11/16 Author:

Women dent their promotion chances when they become mothers and that affects their future earning power, according to new research. Time spent on maternity leave and reducing hours once they return to work means they gain less experience, which... Read More

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Landlords getting tougher over commercial break clauses

01/11/16 Author: Clare Davey

The standard break clauses to be found in most commercial tenancy agreements often lead to disputes, but it’s thought the numbers are likely to rise dramatically over the coming few years as the country adjusts to the Brexit decision to leave the... Read More

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Employers should protect against Brexit abuses in the workplace

28/10/16 Author:

Employers may wish to reconsider their strategies for avoiding workplace bullying and abuse following the referendum vote to leave the EU. Read More

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School entitled to dismiss teacher over links to sex offender

25/10/16 Author:

A school was entitled to dismiss its headteacher after she failed to disclose her relationship with a man convicted of making indecent images of children. Read More

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Wife awarded share of husband’s business in divorce settlement

21/10/16 Author: Michele Wright

A wife has been awarded more than £1.5m in a divorce settlement that acknowledges her contribution to the marriage but protects the wealth her husband had accrued before they met. Read More

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The Castle comes alive for LMF 2016

20/10/16 Author:

JWK delighted to sponsor this great weekend of music. Read More

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Family amend trust to give rights to partners of gay descendants

17/10/16 Author: Charles Wilson

A landed family have amended a trust to ensure that if any of their descendants are gay, their partners will have the same rights as heterosexual spouses. Read More

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Companies must now declare who owns or controls them

05/10/16 Author: Clare Davey

The regulation obliging companies to declare to Companies House who owns or controls them has now come into force. Read More

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Board of Directors welcomes Sarah Murphy

30/09/16 Author: Charles Wilson

Huge congratulations to an outstanding, and popular, lawyer. Read More

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Legal 500 2016 has been published!

15/09/16 Author: Ian Gee

JWK has again been recognised for offering innovative and cutting edge advice. Read More

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EU lawyer backs woman sacked for wearing Islamic headscarf

02/09/16 Author:

One of the EU’s leading law officials has found in favour of a woman who was sacked for wearing an Islamic headscarf at work. Read More

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Safeguard your future with a lasting power of attorney

29/07/16 Author: Charles Wilson

People are being urged to safeguard their future as the population ages by taking out a lasting power of attorney (LPA). Read More

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Fingerprint expert wins unfair dismissal claim against police

27/07/16 Author:

A fingerprint expert who was sacked after making a mistake has won her unfair dismissal claim against the police. Read More

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Tycoon agrees to pay ex-wife £300,000… 20 years after divorce

22/07/16 Author: Michele Wright

A businessman who earned all his wealth several years after divorcing his wife has agreed to pay her £300,000 in a belated settlement. Read More

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EU employment directives remain in place during Brexit process

21/07/16 Author:

The referendum vote to leave the European Union could have a significant effect on UK employment law although there will be no change in the short term while the Brexit process is taking place. Read More

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Charities to invest an extra £100m in research into dementia

12/07/16 Author:

The Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK are each donating £50m to the new Dementia Research Institute (DRI). Read More

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A Chilly Day for JWK Morecambe Half Marathon and Unique Fun Run

29/06/16 Author:

Brilliant Performances from Julie Hollingdrake Read More

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It's time to pull on your trainers and join in this weekend's Fun Run, Balloon Chase and Half Marathon.

23/06/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

Come along and help us to raise funds for Unique Kidz and Co. Read More

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Shared ownership changes could help 175,000 on to housing ladder

22/06/16 Author: Charles Wilson

Changes to the shared ownership rules could help an extra 175,000 people on to the housing ladder, according to the government. Read More

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Battle over estate of pop star Prince because he had not made a will

21/06/16 Author:

The family of the pop star Prince fear there could be a costly dispute over his multi-million pound fortune because he died without having made a will. Read More

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Clare Davey promoted to Director of JWK Solicitors.

16/06/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

Dual qualified in English and Scots Law, local girl Clare is a champion of home grown talent. Read More

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IS Clamps Down on Fraudulent Transfers from Insolvent Company

15/06/16 Author: Clare Davey

Transferring money from an insolvent company can lead to disqualification warns Clare Davey Read More

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Sue and Tracy brave the rain for this year's Moonlight Walk

14/06/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

Well done girls, a superb achievement. Read More

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Tenant wins dispute with landlords over exercising break clause

09/06/16 Author: Clare Davey

A commercial tenant has won a dispute over exercising a break clause even though it served notice to an out-of-date address. Read More

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Homemaker wife awarded shares worth £69m in divorce settlement

07/06/16 Author: Michele Wright

A woman who devoted her life to her family while her husband concentrated on developing his business has been awarded £69m in a divorce settlement. Read More

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Congratulations to Unique Kidz and Co.

25/05/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

4Ever Unique Hub, for young adults between 18 and 25 years of age, is opening on 31st May 2016! Read More

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Court awards woman a share of former partner’s home

23/05/16 Author: Michele Wright

A woman has won the right to claim part ownership of the home she shared with her former partner and helped to pay for over several years. Read More

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More starter homes at 20% discount for first time buyers

20/05/16 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has announced plans to build 200,000 starter homes for first time buyers under the age of 40. Read More

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Back to the 80s for St. John's Hospice and its Moonlight Walk 2016

19/05/16 Author: Alistair Higham

JWK ladies modelling this year's T-shirts. Read More

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Inheritance tax revenue ‘to soar to £4.6 billion this year

18/05/16 Author:

Inheritance tax receipts are set to increase by more than 20% this year, according to the Office for National Statistics. Read More

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Headway - Lancaster and Morecambe Bay, raise a much needed £5,000.

13/05/16 Author: Anthony Rickards Collinson

We would like to congratulate the fundraising team. This is an outstanding, and much needed, amount of money to raise. Read More

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Budding Young Lawyers from Lancaster Girls' Grammar School have been enjoying a series of talks from JWK Solicitors.

10/05/16 Author:

The girls taking part in the Young Lawyers programme are pictured here with JWK's Managing Director, Craig Hollingdrake. Read More

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Are you ready to hand over your business to the next generation?

09/05/16 Author: Clare Davey

Entrepreneurs can be very confident about how to build up a business but then become surprisingly unsure about how to hand it over to the next generation. Read More

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Companies must hold register of ‘People with Significant Control’

04/05/16 Author: Clare Davey

Companies in the UK must now have a register of ‘People with Significant Control’ to provide greater transparency for consumers and other businesses. Read More

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More than 150,000 have bought a home through Help to Buy

22/04/16 Author: Charles Wilson

More than 150,000 people have got on to the housing ladder through Help to Buy, according to the latest figures from the government. Read More

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Court orders ‘disgraceful’ husband to pay divorce settlement

20/04/16 Author: Michele Wright

A court has ordered a husband who lied about his finances to pay in full the divorce settlement awarded to his former wife. Read More

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Join us at the JWK Morecambe Half Marathon as we raise funds for Unique Kidz and Co.

19/04/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

Why not enjoy a run along Morecambe Promenade whilst raising funds to help disabled children and young people in our area. There will be music, cakes and lots of fresh air. If you can't run, why not volunteer to help on the day? Read More

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Charities take dispute over woman’s will to the Supreme Court

14/04/16 Author:

The dispute over whether a woman’s estate should pass to her daughter or to a number of charities is to be settled in the Supreme Court. Read More

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Husband loses appeal against unequal divorce settlement

11/04/16 Author: Michele Wright

A husband has lost his appeal against an unequal divorce settlement that gave his wife a greater share of the marital assets. Read More

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Congratulations to Clare Davey and Avelina Wright

07/04/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

We are delighted to celebrate the success of two outstanding young solicitors. Please share with us in congratulating them on their recent promotions. Read More

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Wealthy families face £20,000 rise in probate fees

06/04/16 Author: Charles Wilson

Families inheriting estates valued at more than £2m will have to pay probate fees of £20,000 under new proposals being put forward by the government. Read More

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A Life with Elephants

05/04/16 Author: Anthony Rickards Collinson

TV presenter and acclaimed conservationist Saba Douglas-Hamilton will be appearing at The Platform in Morecambe on Thursday 28th April. Her talk starts at 7.30pm. Read More

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Government to commission new homes on publicly owned land

30/03/16 Author: Charles Wilson

The government is to commission thousands of new affordable homes on publicly owned land as part of its plan to ease the housing shortage. Read More

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Big rise in the number of people challenging ‘unfair wills’

18/03/16 Author:

The number of people challenging what they consider to be unfair wills has risen by 20% over the last 10 years. Read More

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Children want more say when their parents get divorced

11/03/16 Author: Michele Wright

Children want more say in what happens to them when their parents get divorced, according to research carried out for the family law group, Resolution. The survey also revealed that 82% said they would prefer that their parents separated if they... Read More

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New measures to help more people buy their first home

29/02/16 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has introduced a series of new measures to help more people buy their first home. Read More

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Divorce settlements may have to be recalculated due to error

25/02/16 Author: Michele Wright

Thousands of divorce settlements may have to be recalculated due to an error on a form on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) website. Read More

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Right to Rent checks on new tenants come into effect

22/02/16 Author:

Landlords in England now have to carry out Right to Rent checks on potential tenants to make sure they are entitled to stay in the UK. Read More

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Cutting edge Cyber Risk package from JWK Solicitors

01/02/16 Author: Ian Gee

Lancaster firm JWK Solicitors have announced the launch of a new ‘Cyber Risk Insurance’ service, incorporating Cyber Risk Insurance provided by Reid Hamilton Insurance Brokers, designed to protect businesses against the growing threat of... Read More

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LLP status protects partners in professional negligence claim

27/01/16 Author: Ian Gee

The limited liability partnership (LLP) structure has protected the partners in a number of related financial services firms from having to take personal responsibility for a professional negligence claim. Read More

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Wife loses appeal over unequal division of house in divorce settlement

21/01/16 Author: Michele Wright

A wife has lost her appeal against a divorce settlement in which she received a smaller share of the matrimonial assets than her husband. Read More

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Daughter appointed as mother’s deputy despite living abroad

08/01/16 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman has been appointed as her mother’s deputy in a power of attorney arrangement despite living more than 3,000 miles away Read More

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