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Stamp duty cut for first buyers – but will it really help?

18/12/17 Author: Charles Wilson

In the Budget, Mr Hammond announced that the first £300,000 of the price of a property will be exempt from tax for people entering the housing market for the first time. The change came into effect immediately. Read More

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Dyslexic fire crew commander loses discrimination claim

15/12/17 Author:

MR Roads was a crew commander with Bucks Fire and Rescue Service. He wanted to become a fire safety watch commander, which involved passing exams, working at a development centre and being successful in an interview. Read More

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Protect your business against staff stealing valuable data

12/12/17 Author:

A survey by the security software company Symantec found that 56% of employees don’t think it’s a crime to use competitive data taken from a previous employer. More than 50% of those who lose their jobs keep confidential information, and 40%... Read More

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Leading judge wants ‘living wills’ to be made compulsory

07/12/17 Author:

One of Britain’s leading judges has called for living wills to be made compulsory to prevent disputes about the kind of medical treatment offered to patients who are unconscious or unable to make their feelings known. A living will, also... Read More

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Wife ‘shouldn’t have to rely on her father’ after divorce

04/12/17 Author: Michele Wright

Hayat Alireza and husband Hossam Radwan divorced in 2013 after 14 years of marriage. Mr Radwan had assets of £17m and earned £350,000 a year. Ms Alireza had no assets or career and had stayed at home during the marriage to look after the... Read More

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Plans to take the stress out of buying and selling a home

28/11/17 Author: Charles Wilson

The government says it wants to streamline the process of buying and selling a home so that it’s easier, cheaper and less stressful for all concerned. It’s begun a public consultation seeking ideas on how to make the system work more... Read More

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Catholic woman awarded £20,000 after workplace harassment

20/11/17 Author:

Helen Scott worked at bathroom suppliers Stevenson & Reid Ltd in Belfast. She was the only Catholic among the predominantly Protestant employees in her department. She said that, in 2015, her line manager became angry with her after discovering... Read More

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Police officer who failed test ‘not discriminated against’

16/11/17 Author:

A police officer who claimed she failed a fitness test because a thyroid condition caused her to gain weight has lost her discrimination claim. Rebecca Tiffin was a detective constable with Surrey Police. It was a requirement that officers... Read More

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£2.3 billion fund to unlock 100,000 new homes

14/11/17 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has announced a £2.3 billion fund which will help unlock 100,000 new homes in areas of high demand. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said hundreds of housing developments were being held up because of a lack of local... Read More

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Health Secretary looks forward to a cure for dementia

09/11/17 Author:

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has posed the question of whether we might find a cure for dementia in near future. Speaking on World Alzheimer’s Day he said: “This is the question that for years no one has dared to ask. We assumed – wrongly... Read More

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Bus driver sacked for running red light wins employment claim

02/11/17 Author:

A bus driver with an “exemplary record” who was sacked for going through traffic lights when they were on red has won his unfair dismissal claim. The Employment Tribunal heard that Abdul Jabber had worked for National Express West Midlands... Read More

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Daughter awarded share of father’s estate despite his wishes

31/10/17 Author:

A woman who was estranged from her father has been awarded £30,000 from his estate even though he disinherited his children in his will. The court heard that Stanley Nahajec had left all his £265,000 estate to a friend. His three children got... Read More

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Some rich fathers ‘are paying too little in child support’

19/10/17 Author: Michele Wright

A leading judge has called for reforms to prevent rich fathers manipulating their finances to reduce the amount they pay towards their children’s upbringing. The call follows a change in the law in 2012 that means maintenance payments are... Read More

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Legal 500 UK

12/10/17 Author: Ian Gee

The Legal 500 is the leading independent guide to law firms in the UK. It has just been released for 2017 and JWK Solicitors are delighted that they continue to be recommended in not only 3 areas of work and but also1 new area:- Agriculture and... Read More

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More than a million people have opened Help to Buy ISAs

04/10/17 Author: Charles Wilson

First-time house buyers across the UK can open an ISA, which is available for home purchases up to £250,000 (£450,000 in London). If you plan to buy a home with someone who also qualifies, you are each able to separately claim the bonuses on your... Read More

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Three sisters win dispute over their father’s will

02/10/17 Author:

Three sisters have won a dispute with their father’s widow over the validity his will, which he made shortly before he died. The case involved a man who lived in Grenada with his second wife. In 2014, he had visited England to see his three... Read More

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Cancer sufferer awarded £47,000 in discrimination case

02/10/17 Author:

Eimear Coughlan worked for the Hideaways Club (UK) Ltd, a property investment firm based in London. She was the office manager and personal assistant to the chief executive, Poonam Dhawan-Leach. Problems arose after she had to undergo surgery... Read More

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Government plans to ban leasehold sales of new houses

25/09/17 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has announced plans to clamp down on unfair practices involving leasehold homes. The measures include a ban on new build houses being sold as leaseholds as well as restricting ground rents to as low as zero. Leaseholds... Read More

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Court awards wife £350,000 plus half husband’s pension

25/09/17 Author: Michele Wright

The husband was ordered to pay the wife a lump sum of £350,000. The judge found that the wife was also entitled to an equal share of the husband's pension, but he adjourned that aspect of the wife's application on the basis that a pension sharing... Read More

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Move to bring ‘outdated law’ on wills into 21st century

21/09/17 Author:

The law governing the writing of wills needs to be updated to reflect modern understanding of dementia and mental capacity. The government should also consider the introduction of electronic wills and reduce the age for making a will from 18 to... Read More

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£90m to be repaid to thousands with lasting powers of attorney

06/09/17 Author:

In its annual report, the MoJ said: “More people have been registering for lasting powers of attorney in recent years. Increased volumes coupled with greater efficiencies in processing applications have resulted in fees being charged above the... Read More

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British families pay a record £5 billion inheritance tax

24/08/17 Author:

Families in the UK have paid more than £5 billion inheritance tax in a single year for the first time ever. The record figure reflects the increasing value of estates, largely fuelled by rising house prices. HMRC says that £5.1 billion... Read More

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Wife wins appeal against equal shares divorce settlement

22/08/17 Author: Michele Wright

A wife has won her appeal against a divorce settlement that gave her husband an equal share of the marital assets. The case involved a couple whose relationship, including cohabiting and marriage, lasted six years. They had no children. At... Read More

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Woman sacked after becoming pregnant wins £25,000 compensation

09/08/17 Author:

A woman who was sacked by an employment agency after becoming pregnant has been awarded £25,000 compensation. Daniella Lewandowski started working for the Bradford District Apprenticeship Training Agency in 2015. She had a minor role at first... Read More

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How lasting powers of attorney can help protect your future

08/08/17 Author:

The recent Dementia Awareness Week, organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, put the spotlight on the challenges we face as we live longer lives and encounter the illnesses associated with old age. A study published by the journal, BMC Medicine,... Read More

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Husband loses appeal against £4.25m divorce settlement

04/08/17 Author: Michele Wright

A judge was not at fault when he exercised his discretion to award a woman a £4.25m divorce settlement based on her “needs”. That was decision of the Court of Appeal in a case involving a couple who had been married for two years but had a... Read More

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Mother sacked because of disabled daughter awarded £18,886

02/08/17 Author:

More important to her than her job, has been awarded £18,886 in compensation. Maria McKeith started working part-time for the Ardoyne Association in Northern Ireland in 2010 while also acting as primary carer for her daughter. She was dismissed in... Read More

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Jaguar Land Rover must pay out £19,000 over ‘racist slurs’

31/07/17 Author:

Jaguar Land Rover has been ordered to pay £19,000 compensation to a black employee who was subjected to racist slurs by staff and management. Mr Paul Hoyte claimed he had regularly suffered abuse and harassment because of his race and... Read More

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Wife wins appeal over share of estranged husband’s estate

20/07/17 Author:

The problems that can arise if a person fails to keep their will up to date were highlighted in a recent case involving a deceased man’s estranged wife and his new partner. The man had separated from his wife in 1994, but they did not... Read More

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Woman engineer wins her appeal over sex discrimination claim

29/06/17 Author:

A woman engineer, who was told she was aggressive and unlikeable by male colleagues, has won her appeal against the dismissal of her sex discrimination claim. The woman had been engaged as a mechanical engineer at a nuclear power station. A... Read More

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Family lawyers urge ministers to press on with ‘no-fault’ divorce

22/06/17 Author: Michele Wright

The family lawyers group, Resolution, is calling on the government to introduce a no-fault divorce system as soon as possible. It says the momentum gathering for change should not be delayed because ministers may be preoccupied by major issues like... Read More

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Now it costs less to take out a lasting power of attorney

13/06/17 Author:

The increasing demand for powers of attorney have enabled the government to reduce costs. It means the fee for applying to register a lasting power of attorney (‘LPA’) or an enduring power of attorney (‘EPA’) has been reduced from £110... Read More

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We were delighted to sponsor 'Rare Breeds' at Country Fest.

10/06/17 Author:

Sunny weather brought thousands of visitors to the event. Read More

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Nurse sacked over religious fervour loses unfair dismissal claim

09/06/17 Author:

A nurse who was sacked because she preached Christianity to her patients has lost her unfair dismissal claim. Sister Sarah Kuteh was the subject of several complaints from patients who said she had preached to them about religion. Read More

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Protection of Pay Rate Following Reorganisation

07/06/17 Author:

Twelve museum workers have won a dispute with their employer over how long their pay rate should be protected following internal reorganisation. The staff, who all worked for Brighton and Hove Council, lost their shift allowances or were given... Read More

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Divorcing wife loses appeal to maintain marital living standards

02/06/17 Author: Michele Wright

The Court of Appeal has ruled that divorce settlements do not have to try to enable each partner to maintain the same living standards they enjoyed during marriage. Mr Justice Moylan said he did not agree that “need should be met at a level... Read More

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Reasonable Financial Provision Under Will

25/05/17 Author:

A woman has lost her legal battle with three charities over how much she should be allowed to inherit from her mother’s estate. The high profile case involved a mother and daughter who had been estranged from each other for more than 20 years.... Read More

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Great Support for The Cave Rescue Organisation

23/05/17 Author:

Saving Lives Above and Below Ground Read More

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Inheritance tax main residence allowance comes into effect

17/05/17 Author:

The main residence tax allowance of £100,000, planned by former chancellor George Osborne to reduce inheritance liability, has now come into effect. Inheritance tax is set at 40% and becomes payable once the tax free threshold of £325,000 has... Read More

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New national minimum wage rates come into effect

08/05/17 Author:

The new rates for the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage have now come into effect. Read More

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Congratulations to multi-talented Avelina Wright

05/05/17 Author:

Fellow of the Agricultural Law Association and Cave Rescue Casualty Care Certificate holder! Read More

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Landlord’s terms judged too severe in Vivienne Westwood case

02/05/17 Author: Clare Davey

The terms of a rental agreement that would have meant fashion designer Vivienne Westwood having to pay an extra £100,000 on her flagship store in Mayfair were too severe to be enforceable, the High Court has decided. Vivienne Westwood Ltd... Read More

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Daughter wins family dispute over mother’s misplaced Will

19/04/17 Author:

A woman has won a dispute with her siblings over the validity of their mother’s will, which had been mislaid shortly after being made. Following the mother’s death, the siblings claimed there was no will and so were granted letters of... Read More

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Husband to pay former wife extra because she ‘lost £232,000’

06/04/17 Author: Michele Wright

A husband has been ordered to pay his former wife £341 more each month because she had made bad financial decisions and lost the £232,000 lump sum she was awarded when the couple divorced in 2002. Read More

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Teacher awarded £346,000 after being ‘bullied and victimised’

31/03/17 Author:

Nicola Sinclair was forced to resign from the Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School after developing mental health issues. She had worked there for 23 years. Three months after losing her job, Ms Sinclair was sectioned under the Mental... Read More

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Mock Employment Tribunal was a great hit with local businesses.

29/03/17 Author:

Carl Moran, Craig Hollingdrake and Martin Stafford added their unique brand of humour to the event. Read More

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Record number of employers named for underpaying workers

23/03/17 Author:

More than 350 employers have been named and shamed for failing to pay the national minimum wage rates. It’s the largest list of its kind so far produced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and names 360 businesses that... Read More

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Man must pay £44,000 in family dispute over stepfather’s will

13/03/17 Author:

The case involved the stepson and the stepfather’s daughter and son. The stepson had looked after the father’s finances in the last 12 months of his life. Read More

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Husband ordered to pay wife an extra £1.6m in divorce settlement

28/02/17 Author: Michele Wright

A husband who failed to disclose all his assets when negotiating a divorce settlement has been ordered to pay his wife an extra £1.6m. Read More

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‘Gig economy’ bike courier wins employment claim

21/02/17 Author:

A bike courier with the delivery service City Sprint has won the right to be classed as a worker rather than as self-employed. Read More

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Landlord obliged to sell due to badly worded lease

13/02/17 Author: Clare Davey

A landlord has been obliged to sell a commercial property because of the terms contained in a “badly drafted” lease agreement. Read More

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Corporate insolvencies ‘expected to rise’ due to Brexit

30/01/17 Author: Clare Davey

The decision to leave the EU has already hurt business finances and will quickly lead to a rise in corporate insolvencies, according to a survey of its members by the insolvency and restructuring trade body, R3. Read More

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Bannatyne Fitness employee awarded £18,000 for unfair dismissal

27/01/17 Author:

A beauty therapist, who was made redundant by the Bannatyne Fitness group because she was unable to work weekends, has been awarded £18,000 for unfair dismissal and injury to her feelings. Read More

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New plans to streamline the buying and selling of homes

24/01/17 Author: Charles Wilson

New proposals have been put forward to streamline and speed up the process of buying and selling a home. Read More

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Rights for cohabiting couples is long overdue say lawyers

16/01/17 Author: Michele Wright

Leading family lawyers are calling on the government to provide new legislation to protect the rights of cohabiting couples. Read More

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Add a little legal certainty to your New Year Resolutions

06/01/17 Author:

Making a will is one the easiest and best things you can do to protect the interests of the people you care about. Read More

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