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'Giveaway budget' but no rise in inheritance tax allowances

17/12/18 Author: Charles Wilson

'Giveaway budget' but no rise in inheritance tax allowances Read More

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Court settles siblings’ dispute over sale of family home

23/11/18 Author: Charles Wilson

The High Court has settled a dispute between four siblings who couldn’t agree over the sale of their parents’ house. Read More

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Lack of preparation for old age threatens our future well-being

19/11/18 Author: Charles Wilson

Most people in the UK are putting their future well-being at risk by neglecting to make legal preparations for their old age, according to a new report. Read More

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£1 billion fund created to help build thousands more homes

17/11/18 Author: Charles Wilson

A new fund is being created to help speed up the delivery of thousands of new homes across England. Housing Secretary James Brokenshire says the government is entering into a partnership with Barclays Bank to provide £1 billion of loan finance to... Read More

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New Mental Capacity Act law to ‘protect vulnerable in care’

12/11/18 Author: Charles Wilson

The Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill will replace the current system known as ‘Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards’ (DoLs). Read More

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First-time home buyers save £284m because of stamp duty cut

04/11/18 Author: Charles Wilson

More than 120,000 first-time home buyers have saved a total of £284m because of the cuts to stamp duty introduced last November, according to government figures. The first £300,000 of the price of a property is now exempt from tax for people... Read More

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Surge in couples citing unreasonable behaviour for quick divorce

08/10/18 Author: Michele Wright

There has been a huge rise in the number of couples citing “unreasonable behaviour” as grounds for obtaining a quick divorce. Read More

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New Town Development Corporations to deliver more homes

01/10/18 Author:

The corporations will be accountable to local councils and be responsible for new towns and garden communities in their area. Read More

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Wife ‘locked in loveless marriage’ loses appeal over divorce

06/09/18 Author: Michele Wright

The five justices said they had misgivings about dismissing her appeal and have asked Parliament to consider reforming the divorce laws. The highly publicised case involved Tini Owens, aged 68, and her husband Hugh Owens, who is 80. Read More

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Airport liable after failing to provide wheelchair for passenger

06/08/18 Author: Ian Gee

The man was 79 at the time of the incident and had reduced mobility. He had arranged for the Airport to provide him with a wheelchair as part of the booking process. Read More

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Hermes drivers are ‘workers, not self-employed contractors’

25/07/18 Author:

The decision follows a similar decision by the Supreme Court, which concluded that a plumber with Pimlico Plumbers should also be classified as a worker rather than self-employed. Read More

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Nearly 70,000 first-time buyers benefit from stamp duty cut

09/07/18 Author: Charles Wilson

The figures, released by the government, cover the period up to 31 March this year. Read More

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Lasting Powers of Attorney can help protect dementia sufferers

02/07/18 Author:

Speaking at the beginning of Dementia Week, organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, Mrs May said: “The United Kingdom will use data, artificial intelligence and innovation to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases like... Read More

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Court confirms pre-nup despite wife’s ‘lack of understanding’

20/06/18 Author: Michele Wright

The case involved a husband and wife who were both Swedish but spent most of their 21-year marriage living in England. Read More

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Tax on empty homes could be doubled to boost housing market

15/06/18 Author: Charles Wilson

It’s hoped the move will bring more properties back into use and ease the pressure on the housing market. Read More

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Apprentice awarded £25,000 compensation following redundancy

04/06/18 Author:

In June 2016, the employer terminated his apprenticeship for redundancy reasons. At the termination date, his net weekly wage was £198.50, and 122 weeks of his apprenticeship remained outstanding. Read More

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Special ‘home inheritance tax allowance’ rises by £25,000

24/05/18 Author:

The allowance was introduced in April last year and was set at £100,000. In April this year it rose to £125,000 and will rise to £175,000 by 2020. Read More

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The Split…exciting drama but the reality is more civilised

17/05/18 Author: Michele Wright

It will no doubt continue with more high-powered thrills and spills but, while it may be gripping entertainment, it is far removed from the real thing. Good family solicitors will always do what is best for their clients and steer them through... Read More

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£300m investment to tackle challenges of our ageing society

14/05/18 Author:

The extra money will include grants for research into age-related illnesses such as dementia. The ‘healthy ageing programme’ will drive the development of new products and services to help people to live in their homes for longer, tackle... Read More

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Divorced wife prevents family home from being sold

27/04/18 Author: Michele Wright

The wife agreed the house would need to be sold, but wished to remain living there for another 18 months to allow her daughter to complete her education at the local school. The judge granted the interim order, concluding that there was good... Read More

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Stressed manager with Countrywide Estate Agents awarded £60,000

18/04/18 Author:

An office manager who resigned after being placed in a stressful and “intolerable situation” has been awarded £60,000 compensation Read More

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Agency worker wins claim against Royal Mail over conditions

12/04/18 Author:

He worked for the company for 12 weeks, triggering his entitlement to the same basic working and employment conditions as he would have received had he been recruited directly by Royal Mail. Read More

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Employee told she was not ‘a real woman’ awarded £9,000

06/04/18 Author:

A restaurant worker has been awarded £9,000 compensation after a male colleague told her she was not “a real woman” Read More

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Inheritance tax review could help first-time home buyers

29/03/18 Author:

Currently, the maximum sum that can be gifted tax free is £3,000 a year. Any additional funds are subject to 40% inheritance tax if the donor dies within seven years of making the gift. Read More

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Cohabiting couples ‘at risk if their relationship breaks down’

23/03/18 Author: Michele Wright

The warning comes from the family law group, Resolution, after it commissioned a survey showing that most cohabitants don’t realise that they do not have the same automatic rights as married couples. Read More

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Survey discovers people’s most common “will blunders”

13/03/18 Author:

Nearly two out of three adults in Britain do not have a valid will, according to a survey carried out by MacMillan Cancer Support. The charity surveyed more than 2,000 people and found that 63% had not made a will, including 42% of people over... Read More

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Poundland employee “unfairly dismissed” after giving away stock

07/03/18 Author:

An employment tribunal has ruled that a Poundland employee was unfairly dismissed after giving away over £300 worth of products to customers. The employee, Mr Zia, joined the company in June 2013 and worked his way up to assistant manager of the... Read More

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MoJ begins refunding Power of Attorney overpayments

01/03/18 Author:

Between April 2013 and March 2017, the operating costs of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) came down as more people applied to register a power of attorney and the process became more efficient, but the application fee charged was not reduced... Read More

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An Employment Tribunal has decided that Sainsbury’s acted unfairly when it dismissed one of its employees for persistently wearing headphones while working.

22/02/18 Author:

Victor Onyike had worked for the retailer for several years as a commercial assistant in the delivery yard. It was classified as a high-risk area because of the number of lorries crossing and reversing to unload. Read More

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A New Year Resolution to protect yourself and your family

08/02/18 Author:

At the centre of it all must be our families; everyone wants to protect their loved ones, both now and in the future. Read More

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Should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a pre-nup?

30/01/18 Author: Michele Wright

Many people now draw up a pre-nuptial agreement, so their marriage is based on a solid financial foundation right from the start. ‘Pre-nups’, as they are commonly known, state how a couple’s assets should be divided if the marriage... Read More

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Victims of sexual abuse fail to overturn their mother’s will

18/01/18 Author:

The mother and her late husband had 11 children. The two sisters and their brother became estranged from the rest of the family following an argument. They then informed the police that they had been sexually abused by their father when they were... Read More

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Wife loses appeal against unequal divorce settlement

15/01/18 Author: Michele Wright

The couple had been married for 23 years and had two adult children. At the start of the marriage, the husband had considerable wealth, while the wife had very little. Read More

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Employment tribunal fee refund scheme now open for applications

03/01/18 Author:

The refund scheme was introduced by the government after the Supreme Court ruled the charges for bringing a claim were unlawful. Read More

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