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Despite warnings, many people are still at risk from ‘common law’ marriage

04/06/19 Author: Michele Wright

Nearly half the people in England and Wales still believe in ‘common law’ marriage, with many cohabiting couples unaware of the risks they run if their relationship breaks down. Read More

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New reservation agreements ‘could reduce house sale failures’

21/05/19 Author: Clare Davey

The government is planning a new system for buying and selling homes that it hopes will reduce the number of failed transactions. Read More

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Court appoints Deputy for patient unable to manage her affairs

08/05/19 Author: Charles Wilson

The Court of Protection has appointed a Deputy to look after the interests of a woman who lacked capacity to manage her property and affairs. The woman was 71 and prior to becoming ill, had not set up a Lasting Power of Attorney, which would have... Read More

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New plans to improve service for home buyers, sellers and tenants

16/04/19 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has unveiled plans to ensure home buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and leaseholders receive the best possible service from property agents. Read More

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Make sure your will-writer is ‘qualified, insured and regulated’

10/04/19 Author: Charles Wilson

Make sure your will-writer is ‘qualified, insured and regulated’ Read More

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Court agrees divorce settlement of 60-40 in husband’s favour

21/03/19 Author: Michele Wright

The High Court has approved a divorce settlement that shares a couple’s assets 60 – 40 in the husband’s favour, on the basis that it was a fair outcome for both husband and wife. Read More

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‘Uncle’ jailed for refusing to return abducted children to their mother

17/03/19 Author: Michele Wright

A man has been jailed for 7 months for repeatedly ignoring court orders to help return 3 abducted children to their mother. Read More

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Divorced husband’s sister in contempt of court over his business

21/02/19 Author: Michele Wright

A divorced husband’s sister has been held in contempt of court for failing to provide business records to his former wife. Read More

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Campaigners want to stop gold-diggers marrying to exploit the elderly

14/02/19 Author: Charles Wilson

Campaigners have introduced a bill into parliament to prevent gold-diggers exploiting the elderly and the vulnerable by marrying them for the sole purpose of inheriting their estates. Read More

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Stamp duty boost for first-time buyers of shared-ownership homes

07/02/19 Author: Charles Wilson

Stamp duty for first-time buyers of shared-ownership homes costing up to £500,000 has been abolished by Chancellor Philip Hammond. Read More

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