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How lasting powers of attorney can help protect your future

08/08/17 Author:

The recent Dementia Awareness Week, organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, put the spotlight on the challenges we face as we live longer lives and encounter the illnesses associated with old age. A study published by the journal, BMC Medicine,... Read More

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Husband loses appeal against £4.25m divorce settlement

04/08/17 Author: Michele Wright

A judge was not at fault when he exercised his discretion to award a woman a £4.25m divorce settlement based on her “needs”. That was decision of the Court of Appeal in a case involving a couple who had been married for two years but had a... Read More

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Mother sacked because of disabled daughter awarded £18,886

02/08/17 Author:

More important to her than her job, has been awarded £18,886 in compensation. Maria McKeith started working part-time for the Ardoyne Association in Northern Ireland in 2010 while also acting as primary carer for her daughter. She was dismissed in... Read More

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Jaguar Land Rover must pay out £19,000 over ‘racist slurs’

31/07/17 Author:

Jaguar Land Rover has been ordered to pay £19,000 compensation to a black employee who was subjected to racist slurs by staff and management. Mr Paul Hoyte claimed he had regularly suffered abuse and harassment because of his race and... Read More

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Wife wins appeal over share of estranged husband’s estate

20/07/17 Author:

The problems that can arise if a person fails to keep their will up to date were highlighted in a recent case involving a deceased man’s estranged wife and his new partner. The man had separated from his wife in 1994, but they did not... Read More

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