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Protection of Pay Rate Following Reorganisation

07/06/17 Author:

Twelve museum workers have won a dispute with their employer over how long their pay rate should be protected following internal reorganisation. The staff, who all worked for Brighton and Hove Council, lost their shift allowances or were given... Read More

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Divorcing wife loses appeal to maintain marital living standards

02/06/17 Author: Michele Wright

The Court of Appeal has ruled that divorce settlements do not have to try to enable each partner to maintain the same living standards they enjoyed during marriage. Mr Justice Moylan said he did not agree that “need should be met at a level... Read More

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Reasonable Financial Provision Under Will

25/05/17 Author:

A woman has lost her legal battle with three charities over how much she should be allowed to inherit from her mother’s estate. The high profile case involved a mother and daughter who had been estranged from each other for more than 20 years.... Read More

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Great Support for The Cave Rescue Organisation

23/05/17 Author:

Saving Lives Above and Below Ground Read More

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Inheritance tax main residence allowance comes into effect

17/05/17 Author:

The main residence tax allowance of £100,000, planned by former chancellor George Osborne to reduce inheritance liability, has now come into effect. Inheritance tax is set at 40% and becomes payable once the tax free threshold of £325,000 has... Read More

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