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Husband to pay former wife extra because she ‘lost £232,000’

06/04/17 Author: Michele Wright

A husband has been ordered to pay his former wife £341 more each month because she had made bad financial decisions and lost the £232,000 lump sum she was awarded when the couple divorced in 2002. Read More

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Teacher awarded £346,000 after being ‘bullied and victimised’

31/03/17 Author:

Nicola Sinclair was forced to resign from the Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School after developing mental health issues. She had worked there for 23 years. Three months after losing her job, Ms Sinclair was sectioned under the Mental... Read More

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Mock Employment Tribunal was a great hit with local businesses.

29/03/17 Author:

Carl Moran, Craig Hollingdrake and Martin Stafford added their unique brand of humour to the event. Read More

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Record number of employers named for underpaying workers

23/03/17 Author:

More than 350 employers have been named and shamed for failing to pay the national minimum wage rates. It’s the largest list of its kind so far produced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and names 360 businesses that... Read More

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Man must pay £44,000 in family dispute over stepfather’s will

13/03/17 Author:

The case involved the stepson and the stepfather’s daughter and son. The stepson had looked after the father’s finances in the last 12 months of his life. Read More

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