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‘Gig economy’ bike courier wins employment claim

21/02/17 Author:

A bike courier with the delivery service City Sprint has won the right to be classed as a worker rather than as self-employed. Read More

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Landlord obliged to sell due to badly worded lease

13/02/17 Author: Clare Davey

A landlord has been obliged to sell a commercial property because of the terms contained in a “badly drafted” lease agreement. Read More

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Corporate insolvencies ‘expected to rise’ due to Brexit

30/01/17 Author: Clare Davey

The decision to leave the EU has already hurt business finances and will quickly lead to a rise in corporate insolvencies, according to a survey of its members by the insolvency and restructuring trade body, R3. Read More

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Bannatyne Fitness employee awarded £18,000 for unfair dismissal

27/01/17 Author:

A beauty therapist, who was made redundant by the Bannatyne Fitness group because she was unable to work weekends, has been awarded £18,000 for unfair dismissal and injury to her feelings. Read More

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New plans to streamline the buying and selling of homes

24/01/17 Author: Charles Wilson

New proposals have been put forward to streamline and speed up the process of buying and selling a home. Read More

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