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Tenant wins dispute with landlords over exercising break clause

09/06/16 Author: Clare Davey

A commercial tenant has won a dispute over exercising a break clause even though it served notice to an out-of-date address. Read More

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Homemaker wife awarded shares worth £69m in divorce settlement

07/06/16 Author: Michele Wright

A woman who devoted her life to her family while her husband concentrated on developing his business has been awarded £69m in a divorce settlement. Read More

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Congratulations to Unique Kidz and Co.

25/05/16 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

4Ever Unique Hub, for young adults between 18 and 25 years of age, is opening on 31st May 2016! Read More

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Court awards woman a share of former partner’s home

23/05/16 Author: Michele Wright

A woman has won the right to claim part ownership of the home she shared with her former partner and helped to pay for over several years. Read More

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More starter homes at 20% discount for first time buyers

20/05/16 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has announced plans to build 200,000 starter homes for first time buyers under the age of 40. Read More

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