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Beauty Queen awarded £3.3m in ‘bruising’ divorce case

07/07/15 Author: Michele Wright

A beauty queen has been awarded a £3.3m settlement in a divorce case described as “bruising and unedifying” by a leading judge in the High Court Read More

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Queen’s Speech announces plans to extend Right to Buy discounts

19/06/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The Right to Buy scheme is being extended to 1.3 million housing association tenants across England Read More

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How are damages assessed when your supplier fails to deliver?

16/06/15 Author: Ian Gee

How are damages assessed when your supplier fails to deliver? Read More

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Court upholds compulsory buy-out of minority shareholder

15/06/15 Author: Clare Davey

A minority shareholder was not unfairly treated when his former colleagues decided to buy him out against his will Read More

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How new Bills in Queen’s Speech will impact on businesses

09/06/15 Author: Clare Davey

The Queen’s Speech outlined several Bills that could have a significant impact on businesses Read More

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