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How new Bills in Queen’s Speech will impact on businesses

09/06/15 Author: Clare Davey

The Queen’s Speech outlined several Bills that could have a significant impact on businesses Read More

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Leading judge wants ‘no-fault divorce’ to replace blame approach

02/06/15 Author: Michele Wright

One of the UK’s leading judges has called for the introduction of no-fault divorces to remove the sense of blame and bitterness that accompany so many break-ups. Read More

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People under age of 40 signing up for homes at 20% discount

01/06/15 Author: Charles Wilson

Thousands of people under the age of 40 have been signing up to buy starter homes at a 20% discount. Read More

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Battling sisters lose control of elderly mother’s finances

21/05/15 Author: Charles Wilson

Two sisters who detest each other and no longer speak have lost the right to look after their elderly mother’s finances Read More

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Directors fail to make company liable for their wrongdoing

14/05/15 Author: Clare Davey

The Supreme Court has rejected the idea that directors can avoid responsibility for offences like fraud by trying to make their company responsible for their wrongdoing Read More

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