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Pre-nups now more popular – and not just with the rich

07/04/15 Author: Michele Wright

Pre-nup agreements are often associated with the rich but they are now being used by couples from all walks of life Read More

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Public Guardian prevents misuse of dementia sufferer's money

02/04/15 Author: Charles Wilson

While the vast majority of Lasting Powers of Attorney run smoothly, problems can sometimes occur. When they do, the Office of the Public Guardian and the Court of Protection are in place to prevent the vulnerable from being exploited Read More

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Wife loses appeal against 'equal split' divorce settlement

27/02/15 Author: Michele Wright

A woman has lost her appeal against a judge's decision that she and her husband should share their assets equally as part of their divorce settlement Read More

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Couple correct '£650,000 error' in trust document

25/02/15 Author: Charles Wilson

A married couple have been allowed to remove a clause from a trust document that could have cost their family £650,000 in tax liability Read More

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Number of first-time home buyers reaches 7-year high

24/02/15 Author: Charles Wilson

The number of first-time home buyers in 2014 was at its highest level for 7 years, according to the Halifax bank Read More

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