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First-time home buyers save £284m because of stamp duty cut

04/11/18 Author: Charles Wilson

More than 120,000 first-time home buyers have saved a total of £284m because of the cuts to stamp duty introduced last November, according to government figures. The first £300,000 of the price of a property is now exempt from tax for people... Read More

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Surge in couples citing unreasonable behaviour for quick divorce

08/10/18 Author: Michele Wright

There has been a huge rise in the number of couples citing “unreasonable behaviour” as grounds for obtaining a quick divorce. Read More

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New Town Development Corporations to deliver more homes

01/10/18 Author:

The corporations will be accountable to local councils and be responsible for new towns and garden communities in their area. Read More

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Wife ‘locked in loveless marriage’ loses appeal over divorce

06/09/18 Author: Michele Wright

The five justices said they had misgivings about dismissing her appeal and have asked Parliament to consider reforming the divorce laws. The highly publicised case involved Tini Owens, aged 68, and her husband Hugh Owens, who is 80. Read More

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Airport liable after failing to provide wheelchair for passenger

06/08/18 Author: Ian Gee

The man was 79 at the time of the incident and had reduced mobility. He had arranged for the Airport to provide him with a wheelchair as part of the booking process. Read More

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