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Leading judge lays out plans for divorce reform

16/07/14 Author: Michele Wright

One of Britain's leading family law judges is calling for changes in the divorce process that would take most cases out of the courts altogether Read More

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Delays over powers of attorney causing stress for families

15/07/14 Author: Charles Wilson

Delays in the process of setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney are causing considerable stress and expense for thousands of families Read More

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What is adverse possession?

14/07/14 Author: Clare Davey

Adverse possession is a controversial process by which someone without title to land and property, i.e. someone who is not the owner, can acquire that title by means of demonstrating sufficient possession of that land. Read More

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New salary limit set for Help to Buy mortgages

10/07/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has announced a change to the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme amid concerns over rising house prices. New loans granted under the scheme must now be less than 4.5 times the borrower's income. Read More

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Perils of setting up a business without a written agreement

04/07/14 Author: Clare Davey

When setting up a business venture involving two or more people, it is essential to have a written agreement so that everyone understands their responsibilities and entitlements. Failure to do so can lead to confusion and the need for legal action,... Read More

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