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Court corrects costly error in family trust document

09/06/14 Author: Charles Wilson

An extended family have been able to have a Court rectify a trust document which would have prevented them benefiting in the way intended when the settlement was first drawn up Read More

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Failing to make a will could become a nightmare for your family

06/06/14 Author: Charles Wilson

Nearly two out of three people in the UK haven't made a will and so risk creating a financial nightmare for their families, according to new research Read More

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New law makes it easier to protect intellectual property

05/06/14 Author: Craig Hollingdrake

Businesses will be able to protect their intellectual property rights more effectively across Europe and the rest of the world as new legislation comes into effect Read More

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Divorcing husband sentenced to jail for withholding information

03/06/14 Author: Michele Wright

A businessman has been sentenced to 4 months in prison for failing to disclose financial information during divorce proceedings Read More

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Father's will is valid despite disinheriting two of his children

27/05/14 Author: Charles Wilson

A father's will has been declared valid by a Court despite a challenge from his daughter who was disinherited Read More

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