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Will your hard earned money be lost to inheritance tax?

16/05/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The rising value of houses could turn inheritance tax into a major issue for thousands of families across the UK Read More

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How to avoid the pitfalls when setting up a new business

12/05/14 Author: Clare Davey

You can improve your chances of success in setting up a new business by doing your homework before starting work or investing any money Read More

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Break clause invalidated by failure to follow letter of the law

08/05/14 Author: Clare Davey

A business tenant has failed to apply a break clause in its lease because the notice document didn't correctly follow the letter of the law Read More

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Court rules a mother's will was forged by her son

22/04/14 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman's will has been declared invalid after a court decided that it had been forged by her son Read More

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Children will be 'better protected' in family disputes

17/04/14 Author: Michele Wright

Ministers say children will be better protected and family disputes will be less stressful following changes to legislation relating to divorce and separation Read More

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