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Coach firm wins competition claim against airport

03/04/14 Author: Ian Gee

A coach firm has won a competition claim against an airport which abused its dominant position in the market for its own financial gain Read More

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Carer awarded £1.5m compensation after being injured at work

26/03/14 Author: Ian Gee

A carer has been awarded £1.5m compensation after developing fibromyalgia as a result of two separate workplace accidents Read More

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Levy exemption for self-build homes comes into effect

25/03/14 Author: Charles Wilson

The government has made it easier for people to build their own homes by cutting the Community Infrastructure Levy on self-built accommodation Read More

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Pre-nups could become legally binding under new law

24/03/14 Author: Michele Wright

Marital agreements including 'pre-nups' and 'post-nups' could become legally binding without the need for court approval under a proposed new law Read More

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Engineers must pay damages for breaching contract

21/03/14 Author: Ian Gee

An engineering firm has lost its appeal against having to pay damages to an airline company Read More

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