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Divorcing couples must try mediation before court

13/02/14 Author: Michele Wright

Divorcing couples will soon have to try mediation to resolve disagreements before they are allowed to take their case to court. Read More

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Businesses to have more say over how they are regulated

30/01/14 Author: Clare Davey

Businesses that are unhappy with the way their sector is regulated can now contact regulators and government ministers to push for changes Read More

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Director didn't breach duties when pursuing personal gain

28/01/14 Author: Clare Davey

A Director's duty not to pursue personal gain may not apply if the company's shareholders consent, as happened in a recent case before the Court of Appeal. Read More

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Woman 'cannot share' ex-husband's fortune 20 years after separation

23/01/14 Author: Michele Wright

The Court of Appeal has rejected a woman's claim that she is entitled to half the fortune her ex-husband amassed in the 20 years after they separated Read More

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Woman's will favouring neighbour rejected by High Court

20/01/14 Author: Charles Wilson

An elderly woman's will, which left half her estate to her neighbour to the detriment of her family, has been rejected by the High Court Read More

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