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Father Wins Appeal Over Contact With His Children

02/07/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A father has won an appeal against a court order that rejected the recommendations of childcare experts and reduced his contact with his children. Read More

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Woman fails to share in ex-husband's newly earned riches

27/06/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman who divorced her husband when they both had no money has failed in her bid to share in the fortune he earned after the marriage ended. Read More

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Treasury Doubles Its Revenue From People Who Don't Make a Will

19/06/13 Author: Charles Wilson

The money that goes to the Treasury from people who don't make a will has nearly doubled in the space of just a year. Read More

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Aunt's Will Successfully Challenged

15/05/13 Author: Charles Wilson

A woman has successfully challenged her aunt's will after discovering that she was to inherit nothing from her estate. Read More

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Parents Behind Surge In Living Together Agreements

08/05/13 Author: Charles Wilson

There's been a large increase in the number of couples drawing up living together agreements – sometimes known as cohabitation agreements or 'no-nups'. Read More

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