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Stressed manager with Countrywide Estate Agents awarded £60,000

18/04/18 Author:

An office manager who resigned after being placed in a stressful and “intolerable situation” has been awarded £60,000 compensation Read More

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Agency worker wins claim against Royal Mail over conditions

12/04/18 Author:

He worked for the company for 12 weeks, triggering his entitlement to the same basic working and employment conditions as he would have received had he been recruited directly by Royal Mail. Read More

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Employee told she was not ‘a real woman’ awarded £9,000

06/04/18 Author:

A restaurant worker has been awarded £9,000 compensation after a male colleague told her she was not “a real woman” Read More

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Inheritance tax review could help first-time home buyers

29/03/18 Author:

Currently, the maximum sum that can be gifted tax free is £3,000 a year. Any additional funds are subject to 40% inheritance tax if the donor dies within seven years of making the gift. Read More

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Cohabiting couples ‘at risk if their relationship breaks down’

23/03/18 Author: Michele Wright

The warning comes from the family law group, Resolution, after it commissioned a survey showing that most cohabitants don’t realise that they do not have the same automatic rights as married couples. Read More

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