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Protect your business against staff stealing valuable data

12/12/17 Author:

A survey by the security software company Symantec found that 56% of employees don’t think it’s a crime to use competitive data taken from a previous employer. More than 50% of those who lose their jobs keep confidential information, and 40%... Read More

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Leading judge wants ‘living wills’ to be made compulsory

07/12/17 Author:

One of Britain’s leading judges has called for living wills to be made compulsory to prevent disputes about the kind of medical treatment offered to patients who are unconscious or unable to make their feelings known. A living will, also... Read More

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Wife ‘shouldn’t have to rely on her father’ after divorce

04/12/17 Author: Michele Wright

Hayat Alireza and husband Hossam Radwan divorced in 2013 after 14 years of marriage. Mr Radwan had assets of £17m and earned £350,000 a year. Ms Alireza had no assets or career and had stayed at home during the marriage to look after the... Read More

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Plans to take the stress out of buying and selling a home

28/11/17 Author: Charles Wilson

The government says it wants to streamline the process of buying and selling a home so that it’s easier, cheaper and less stressful for all concerned. It’s begun a public consultation seeking ideas on how to make the system work more... Read More

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Catholic woman awarded £20,000 after workplace harassment

20/11/17 Author:

Helen Scott worked at bathroom suppliers Stevenson & Reid Ltd in Belfast. She was the only Catholic among the predominantly Protestant employees in her department. She said that, in 2015, her line manager became angry with her after discovering... Read More

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