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Should Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a pre-nup?

30/01/18 Author: Michele Wright

Many people now draw up a pre-nuptial agreement, so their marriage is based on a solid financial foundation right from the start. ‘Pre-nups’, as they are commonly known, state how a couple’s assets should be divided if the marriage... Read More

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Victims of sexual abuse fail to overturn their mother’s will

18/01/18 Author:

The mother and her late husband had 11 children. The two sisters and their brother became estranged from the rest of the family following an argument. They then informed the police that they had been sexually abused by their father when they were... Read More

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Wife loses appeal against unequal divorce settlement

15/01/18 Author: Michele Wright

The couple had been married for 23 years and had two adult children. At the start of the marriage, the husband had considerable wealth, while the wife had very little. Read More

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Employment tribunal fee refund scheme now open for applications

03/01/18 Author:

The refund scheme was introduced by the government after the Supreme Court ruled the charges for bringing a claim were unlawful. Read More

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Stamp duty cut for first buyers – but will it really help?

18/12/17 Author: Charles Wilson

In the Budget, Mr Hammond announced that the first £300,000 of the price of a property will be exempt from tax for people entering the housing market for the first time. The change came into effect immediately. Read More

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