Buying and selling agricultural land

Buying Agricultural Land

Buying and selling agricultural land can be complex and there are many issues that should be taken in to account during the process. These include unregistered public and private rights of way, boundary issues, private water supplies and drainage, access rights, sporting and fishing rights, tax considerations and tenancy agreements.

If these matters are not correctly handled they can lead to complications at a later date, but they are sometimes overlooked by conveyancers used to dealing in residential property. JWK’s Agricultural and Rural Law Team have the experience and knowledge to ensure that these matters are correctly handled from the outset prevents disputes at a later date.

By employing a suitably qualified and experienced solicitor, like JWK Solicitors, to help you proceed with buying or selling your agricultural land, you can rest assured that all these issues and others will be dealt with and that the process will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Key considerations during a purchase or sale include:

  • What access and service rights are in place?
  • Are there any sporting rights?
  • Are boundary lines correct?
  • Do you need planning permission and building regulations approval?
  • Is the land in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone?
  • Are there any restrictions on the land that would affect you or need to be transferred to the new owner?
  • Do you need to take into account tenants who use your land or buildings?
  • Tax considerations
  • Are there Single Farm Payments or other entitlements affecting the land?

With offices in Lancaster and Morecambe, JWK Solicitors are ideally placed to support farmers and landowners across the North West.

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