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Property Disputes

Property law relating to agricultural land is a complex area. JWK Solicitors can help you to understand and resolve disputes with others regarding the extent of your property and respective rights regarding that property. We can help draw up legally binding agreements between the parties, or, if agreement is impossible, we can assist in resolving the matter through the courts.

Boundary issues:

Given that title deeds and plans in many cases give only a general indication of the boundary between two properties, determining the true boundary can be a fraught affair. Chartered Surveyors will often need to become involved to help decide the issue. We can provide advice and assistance in establishing a legal agreement over the boundary position.

Landlord and tenant issues:

Whether you are a tenant who believes that your landlord has violated your lease or vice versa, JWK Solicitors can help you to understand your rights to redress. If necessary we can then help to pursue compensation or reparatory work to resolve the matter. We can also assist you in ensuring that a variety of notices, such as those regarding rent reviews, notices to quit or notices to carry out repairs, are correctly drawn up and served on the other party. This is of utmost importance if the notice is to be enforceable.

Adverse possession claims (squatter's rights):

If, for example, you have been continuously farming land that you don't own for more than twelve years and the true owner has not made use of this land at any point during this time then you may, in certain circumstances have a claim to assume ownership. JWK Solicitors can help you to assert your title. We can also help if someone has been occupying property that belongs to you and you wish to deny them the right of ownership or have them evicted.

Issues relating to easements and restrictive covenants:

These fall into three categories, all of which are natural sources of dispute. Easements are rights that people have to do something on land that does not belong to them; rights of way are a common example. Profits à prendre are rights for non-owners to take something away from a piece of land. Restrictive covenants are rights for non-owners that relate to a piece of land and that will continue to bind future owners of that land. JWK Solicitors can help you determine whether any of these rights exist with regard to a particular property. We can then help you to either assert or deny them.

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