Breach Of Contract Advice for Business

What is a Breach of Contract?

Put simply, a contract is any agreement, whether written or oral, made between two parties. Each party has their own obligations to perform under the contract. On occasions, one party may breach the obligations and therefore the contract. This can have an effect on your business, whether that is simply a minor irritation or has a major impact, we can help.

Breaches of contract vary hugely in variety.  They commonly include issues such as a failure by one of your suppliers to deliver goods or services on time, through to a building contractor failing to complete a project on time or on budget.  It could also be an agreement to provide services to another business or consumer.

As a business, you can best protect yourself by being aware of your obligations and those of the other contracting parties. JWK Solicitors can provide advice to ensure that you are fully aware as to your obligations.


If you think that you have suffered as a result of Breach of Contract what should you do?

Contact your solicitor. We can advise you as to the remedies available to you and will always take a pragmatic view on your chances of success. The commercial viability of your claim will also be considered by our experienced team.

We will utilise various methods to resolve any breach including negotiation, mediation or as a last resort, through the Courts.


How much will it cost for me to make a claim?

We offer a range of funding options to help you pay for the cost of your claim, including ‘No Win – No Fee’ arrangements.

Speak to one of our team to get full details on the scheme and find out if you are eligible, or visit the Funding section of our website to find out more.

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