Employer Protection Scheme

JWK Solicitors have teamed up with Reid Hamilton Insurance Brokers to offer an Employer Protection Scheme, a complete legal package for employers, at very competitive rates.

Why choose the JWK and Reid Hamilton Employer Protection Scheme?

The JWK and Reid Hamilton Employer Protection Scheme enables you to focus on running your business whilst we look after your employment law requirements.  JWK’s fully trained solicitors are on hand from Monday to Friday ready to deal with any query you may have.  You will work with a specialist local team who will get to know you and your business.  We will ensure you have fully compliant employment documentation which is updated when new laws come into force.

If you do face an Employment Tribunal claim, then we will provide a full representation service handled by the team of expert solicitors that you know.  Our insurance-backed scheme ensures that this service is covered both in terms of legal costs and any compensation which might be awarded against you. †

Outline of Services We Offer:

Monday to Friday telephone line advice, which will reduce the risk of facing employment tribunals
On-going and up-to-date legal help on employment procedures and HR issues
Insurance cover for legal costs should one of your employees bring a claim against you and cover for compensation should they be successful. †

The JWK and Reid Hamilton Employer Protection Scheme

The JWK and Reid Hamilton Employer Protection Insurance Scheme is designed to give employers complete peace of mind.  JWK have designed an employment law package to fit around your business.

For a monthly subscription you are given direct access to a solicitor who will provide you with the advice your business needs; your subscription will also include an insurance product* which means if a Tribunal claim is lodged against you, our fees for defending the claim on your behalf are paid by the insurance company, as are most awards of compensation.†

Benefits to your Business:

Direct contact with a specialist employment solicitor providing one-to-one telephone advice
A comprehensive review to ensure that all employment documentation such as contracts, policies, procedures, are in order
Provision of revised documentation where necessary to ensure your business remains fully up to date in a constantly changing statutory and regulatory employment environment
In addition to insurance cover for employment disputes (including TUPE) and compensation awards, cover † is also offered for:

Employment restrictive covenants
Legal defence
Compliance and regulation
Statutory licence appeals
Loss of earnings
Employees’ extra protection and identity theft

Crisis communication

Fixed monthly fee, providing for better financial planning
A reduction in management time and costs by handling employment issues and/or disputes in a correct and effective way
Peace of mind
Counselling assistance: external helpline

For an employee (including family members permanently living with them) needing confidential help and advice, ARAG’s qualified counsellors are available to provide telephone support on any matter that is causing your employee upset or anxiety, from personal problems to bereavement.

Telephone Advice Service

Our advisers are solicitors based in Lancaster & Morecambe with an extensive knowledge of local businesses and local issues.

You will not be dealing with a clerk in a call centre miles away, but with a solicitor who specialises in employment law and who has the skills to help you to find a quick, effective solution.  Our telephone advice line is available from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Working with JWK, you can also be confident that you will have continuity of advice - you will be dealing with the same small team all of the time rather than a series of faceless advisors. You can even pop in and see us if you need to and talk things through face to face.

HR Management

JWK will ensure that you are fully compliant with the full cycle of employment law.  We will work with you from recruitment through to employment and then termination.  We will monitor your employment contracts to ensure that they are correct and update them when new legislation is introduced.   We will give you help with employee handbooks, we will also advise you on any disciplinary or grievance procedures. 

Legal Representation

Our aim is to work with you to ensure that any employee-related problems are solved at an early stage.  However, should you find yourself faced with employment tribunal papers, we will see the case through from beginning to end.  Our service is underwritten by insurance. †

The average cost of defending an employment tribunal claim is around £9,000.  If a current or former employee was successful in a claim against you, you would have to pay out for compensation.  The average award made in employment tribunals is around £8,000, and with limits on compensatory awards in unfair dismissal cases as high as £76,574ᶧ and with awards in certain cases such as discrimination or whistleblowing claims, without limit, you could find yourself faced with an extremely high bill. 

The insurance under the JWK and Reid Hamilton Employer Protection Scheme provides cover of up to £100,000 per claim†.

How to get a Quotation?

Simply call 01524 598300 for JWK Solicitors or 01524 39939 for Reid Hamilton for a free no obligation chat to see how we can help your business.

The JWK and Reid Hamilton Employer Protection Scheme is protection for any business, whether small, medium or large.


* Legal Expenses Insurance is provided by ARAG plc

† Subject to terms & conditions

ᶧ At January 2015


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