Copyright Solicitors

What is Copyright?

Copyright is an automatic right which protects your work and prevents anyone else from copying it. Copyright doesn’t protect ideas, only the work itself when complete and some examples include:

  • Literary works
  • Dramatic works
  • Musical works
  • Artistic works
  • Recordings of a work including sound and film
  • Broadcasts of a work

When you protect your work by copyright it can only be used or copied with your permission.


Do I need to apply for Copyright?

In the UK Copyright is an automatic legal right and you don’t have to apply or register with anyone to protect your work.

It is recommended that you mark your work with the copyright symbol © and include your name and the year of creation so that any potential users can get in touch to request permission to use your work.


What should I do if I think someone is using my work without permission?

If you think someone has used your work without permission you can take legal action and claim compensation.

An experienced Intellectual Property Solicitor will be able to help you decide on the best course of action and help you take action against the individual or business you suspect is copying or using your work without permission.

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