Why do I need to employ a solicitor to apply for a Local Authority Licence?

The licensing industry has undergone substantial changes over the last decade following the implementation of the Licensing Act in 2003. Many more types of activity are now licensable under the Act including the sale and supply of hot food and drink after 11pm and the law is constantly changing.  Further changes have been, or are in the process of being, introduced by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

It is therefore important that you seek professional advice at an early stage to make sure you apply for the correct licences and to make sure your business is protected.

JWK Solicitors have a wealth of experience in Local Authority Licensing and can provide you with expert advice and guidance when preparing your application for premises and personal licences, which will save you unnecessary costs and time.


What services do JWK Solicitors provide?

JWK Solicitors provide a wide range of services relating to Local Authority Licensing. We can attend and advise on site as well as prepare Licence Applications on your behalf and, where necessary, represent you before the Licensing Authority, including all Review Hearings if applications are made by the Police or any interested party or responsible authority.

We can provide guidance and representation for:

  • Temporary Event Notices
  • Club Premises Certificates
  • Premises Licences
  • Variations to Premises Licences (both major and minor)
  • Personal Licences

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