Harmony of the Seas


We have recently been approached by a number of passengers who were on board Harmony of the Seas for its maiden voyage trip on the 22nd May 2016. Potentially, there may be grounds to bring claims for not only a refund of monies paid by each passenger, but also compensation for loss of enjoyment.

After speaking with a number of potential Claimants, our initial view is that each Claimant may be entitled to claim a refund of the cost of the voyage and damages for loss of enjoyment and/or disappointment. In broad terms and keeping in mind that every claim will be dependent on personal circumstances, the value of the claims will be anything from £2,000.00 to £6,000.00 or potentially even more.

It strikes us that passengers should ‘join forces’ in order to pursue a Group Litigation. The advantage of a Group Litigation is that if successful, each Claimant shall be able to recover most of their legal costs.

In order to assist all passengers, we are prepared to pursue these claims on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, meaning that if you win your case, we will be entitled to a small percentage of the damages you recover (which cannot exceed 25% plus VAT) and if you lose the case, you pay nothing.

If you were a passenger on board Harmony of the Seas for its maiden voyage on 22nd May 2016 and would be interested in pursuing a claim then please use the e-mail address below to provide your details. A member of the Dispute Resolution Department will then contact you to discuss matters in greater detail.


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