Child Custody LawyersMy relationship has broken down - how can I make sure my children are protected?

A relationship breakdown is a stressful and upsetting time for everyone involved, especially where children are involved.

Our experienced and personable team of solicitors can help you and your partner decide how best to look after your children, make sure they are provided for financially and ensure they are able to spend time with both parents.

If you and your partner are unable to reach an agreement on how you will both care for your children we can arrange for you to see a family mediator or, as a last resort, help you to apply to the family court.


What decisions can a family court make about my children?

If you are unable to agree with your partner about the care and upbringing of your children after your relationship has broken down then you can apply to the family court to make decisions.

There are a range of different court orders and your solicitor will be able to provide advice on what kind of order you will need depending on your individual circumstances. They include:

  • Contact orders – to make sure you have  access to your children and can visit them regularly
  • Residence orders – to decide who the children live with and where (including shared residence)
  • Specific issue orders – to make specific decisions relating to the upbringing of your children, for example which school they attend.
  • Prohibited steps orders – to make sure your ex-partner cannot do certain things without the court’s permission. For example, you may want to prevent your child from being taken overseas.


My partner won’t contribute financially to the upbringing of our children. What can I do?

Maintenance payments can be included in a Court Order as part of a divorce or dissolution.

If not then you can apply to the Child Support Agency who will assess the level of child maintenance that should be paid and can enforce this decision.

Your solicitor will be able to provide further advice and guidance on this matter.

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