Divorce LawyersHow will I manage now we are separated?

Everybody who is going through a relationship breakdown worries about how they will manage financially.

It is understandable that you may think the worst will happen - the house will be sold, I will run out of money, etc.

This is a time for you to have expert advice from an experienced and trusted adviser.

We will take time to understand the financial situation of you and your partner to assess your needs and all the other relevant circumstances that would be considered if your case had to go to Court.


What decisions can be made by a Court?

A Court on divorce or dissolution has wide powers to enable it to achieve fairness.

It can use these powers to:

  • Sell or transfer property
  • Order a capital sum to be paid
  • Order income payments to be made (known as maintenance)
  • Order pensions to be shared


How do I begin and will I have to go to Court?

There are a number of different ways of achieving a solution that is right for you:

  • You agree directly with your partner after having received advice
  • We negotiate a settlement for you by speaking to or writing to your partner or his/her Solicitor
  • You use Collaborative Law
  • You and your partner see a Family Mediator
  • You apply to the Court for a Financial Order

We will guide you into making the best choice for you after carefully considering with you all your circumstances.

Relationship breakdown involves a journey into a new and different life for you and you need someone you can trust by your side.

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