Examples of Accidents at Work Claims

£50,000 for accident at work, with increased settlement by £15,000.

Mr B sustained injury to an eye in the course of his work. The insurers for his employer denied liability. Court proceedings were instituted and liability continued to be denied. An offer was made of £35,000, but this was rejected.

Mr B received £50,000.

£300,000 achieved, with increased settlement of £215,000

Mr H had an Accident at Work when he slipped on ice.

The insurers for his employer offered £85,000, alleging that he was exaggerating and was fit to return to his job; which was vigorously disputed.

The claim was settled at £300,000

£45,500 for accident at work, with increased settlement by £39,500

Mr K was involved in an Accident at Work.

The insurers for his employer offered £6,000. They then increased the offer to £10,000, which was withdrawn upon our declaring that we were going to obtain a Report from an Employment Consultant.

The claim was settled after proceedings at £45,500.

£25,000 awarded after allegation of partial fault was defeated

Mrs A was employed as a Passenger Assistant and suffered injury to her back due to the seating arrangements.

It was alleged by her employer that she was 25% at fault. However, following our representations, this allegation was withdrawn. Mrs A received £25,000.

£5,175 compensation for hernia

Mr O sustained a hernia in the course of his work, when removing a door from the roof rack of a van. The Insurers repeatedly denied liability. Following our representations they acknowledged fault, but did not accept that the injury was caused at work. They then made an offer of £3,000 with the comment that if not accepted then it would be withdrawn. The offer was rejected.

Mr O received £5,175.

£4,500 compensation for hernia

Mr B had an Accident at Work, whilst lifting/dragging a piece of equipment; such that he sustained a hernia for which he underwent surgery.

Liability was repeatedly denied on the basis that Mr B was in charge of the site, there were alternative methods available to him, it was he who selected the equipment, the equipment was appropriate and it had been used for many years without any problems.

We pressed on with the claim and, following our detailed representations, a first offer was made of £3,100.

Mr B received £4,500.

£4,800 received for accident at work due to falling ladder

Mrs C suffered an accident at work, when a ladder fell upon her; where she was responsible for Health & Safety. Liability was denied. Fault was subsequently conceded with an allegation of contributory negligence at 50%. This was then reduced to 40%, and ultimately to 25%.

Mrs C received £4,800.

£11,000 compensation after injury to hand at work, with increased settlement by £9,500

Mr W was injured in an Accident at Work when his hand came into contact with machinery. The insurers for the employer made an offer of £1,500, which was rejected, and we put a counter-proposal of £11,000 which was also rejected with the comment: "We are clearly miles apart in the valuation of your Client's damages."

The case was settled at £11,000.

£8,000 for facial laceration, with increased settlement by £6,000

Mr M was moving a sheet of glass when it shattered. He received a laceration to his forehead and was left with a scar.

The claim was settled at £8,000; after a first offer of £2,000.

Accident at work leads to £75,000, with increased settlement by £73,750

Mr N was injured in the course of his employment.

A medical report was prepared by the Consultant nominated by the insurers for the other side. Following receipt of the report, the insurers offered £1,250. We objected to the conclusions of the Consultant and obtained reports from a Consultant nominated by us.

The case was settled, one week before Trial, at £75,000.

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