Assault results in £500,000 award, having initially been rejected.

Mr C was assaulted, as a result of which he received a serious head injury.

Application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority was completely rejected upon both the initial Application and Review, on the basis that his injury was not directly attributable to a crime of violence.

We submitted an Appeal and succeeded at the Hearing, when it was decided that Mr C was entitled to a full award and the decision on the amount was adjourned to await further medical evidence.

A Hearing took place to determine the value of the award, which was made at the maximum which the CICA can pay of £500,000.


We set up a Personal Injury Trust, the effect of which is to ringfence the value it contains and to keep compensation outside the scope of the state benefits means test. However, Income Support was stopped because the Job Centre alleged that the Personal Injury Trust did not have such effect. We therefore appealed the Job Centre's decision, which was successful.

Assault results in £67,200 award, having initially been rejected and with increased settlement by £66,100


Mr M was assaulted, as a result of which he suffered post traumatic stress and left his employment.

A claim was made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The claim was rejected. Evidence was provided in support, and an offer was received of £1,100.


We submitted an application to the CICA Review Panel and an award of £67,200 was made.



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