Examples of Trips, Slips and Falls Claims

Stumble leads to £4,250 compensation

Mr H fractured his ankle, as he was leaving a pub, when he stumbled on a defective paving stone. The brewery denied liability, arguing that the premises were safe, implicating Mr H in an altercation and that it was he who was at fault.

Proceedings were instituted and settlement terms reached 10 days before trial.


Mr H received £4,250.


Pothole trip results in £7,500


Mrs J sustained a snapped Achilles tendon after stepping in a pothole (which she had not seen) and falling. She required surgery to repair the damaged tendon, and was absent from work for 4 months following the accident.

Liability was admitted by the defendant; however Mrs J was put to strict proof as to the accident circumstances and subsequent treatment. The defendant made an offer to settle the whole of Mrs J's claim of £5,500 and paid this amount into Court. On our advice, the offer was rejected and the matter proceeded to a full hearing at Court.

The Judge found in favour of Mrs J and awarded her £10,000, reduced by 25% to take into account contributory negligence for not looking where she was walking; so Mrs J received £7,500.


Speed bump trip results in £2,750 compensation


Mrs W twisted her ankle on a defective speed hump. The Council admitted responsibility for the site, but put Mrs W to strict proof of her injury. The Council relied upon an entry in the hospital records, but it was Mrs W’s case that the entry had been wrongly made.

Proceedings were instituted and liability was conceded only 7 days before trial.

Mrs W received £2,750.


£10,000 for slip at shop


Mrs S slipped in the entrance to a shop and sustained injury to her back. Liability was denied on the basis that the shop keeper had allegedly implemented appropriate safety measures and that Mrs S caused the fall herself. Court proceedings were instituted and Defence received.

However, the case was settled at £10,000.


Fall from third floor window leads to £170,000


Mr M sustained serious injuries to his head and arms when he fell from a third floor window. The Insurers for the owner of the property denied liability.


Three weeks before the Trial date a payment into court was made and Mr M received £170,000.


£10,500 for accident in shop


Mr S was involved in a slipping accident in a shop.

Liability was denied by the insurers. A proposal for a Legal Expenses Insurance Policy was refused.

After our representations, the insurers admitted liability in full.


The insurers offered £6,000. The claim settled for £10,500.


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