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What should I do if I have been injured because of a trip, slip or fall?

If you have been injured because you have fallen as a result of another person’s negligence, then you will need to make sure you gather evidence of the event to help us when making a claim on your behalf.

It would be useful to take a photograph of the object or area that caused you to fall and, if possible, include something in the photograph to help give an idea of the scale (for example a 50p piece, ruler or mobile phone).

It would also be useful to get contact details of any witnesses who were around at the time and saw what happened.


What criteria do I need to meet to claim compensation for a trip, slip or fall?

If you think you have a case for claiming compensation for a trip, slip or fall then contact JWK Solicitors for a free initial assessment.

Generally speaking you will need to be able to show:

  • That the accident occurred less than three years ago
  • That you sustained injuries as a result of the fall
  • The accident happened because of someone else’s negligence
  •  Evidence of what caused you to fall

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