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What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document which states who will receive your property and money after your death.

A Will should appoint executors to carry out the administration of your estate and to distribute the property and money.

A Will also names the people you want to benefit, known as 'the Beneficiaries', usually family, friends or Charities.


Why should I make a Will?

In the absence of a Will the law lays down rules as to who should benefit from our property after our death (the 'Intestacy Rules').

This may not be what you want and furthermore it may lead to bitterness and recrimination after your death. It may also lead to litigation if 'reasonable financial provision' has not been made for dependants.

A Blog which discusses a recent case with salutary lessons for those contemplating making a Will.


How can JWK Solicitors help me?

We will use our knowledge of the law and our practical experience to help you to make the right Will for you, taking account of:

  • The size and nature of your likely estate
  • The people you want to provide for
  • The claims that may be made against your estate
  • The effect of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax
  • The appointment of Executors
  • The need for Guardians for any minor children

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